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1)Alignment 2)Completeness 3)Excellence 4)Fruition #2020myyearofperfection

Still Celebrating you Pastor Sir . Happy birthday!!! #PD #cesazone5 #cewaterfalls #greeters #yearoflights

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Happy happy happy💃💃💃birthday Pastor Sir. All of us from Christ Embassy Waterfalls, Southern Africa Zone 5, Zimbabwe. Our dance shows our expressions which words can not say...we really really love you! #dec7 #dancechallenge0712 #cesazone5 #Zimbabwe #cewaterfalls

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Wow my man of God my prophetess thank you for saying yes when God called you. Happy birthday love you dearly Maaaa

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#PR1012 Celebrating grace #cwsazone5

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Happy Birthday Pastor Ma We celebrate you 10-in-1 #PR1012 #cesazone5

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#prayingnow #dec7 #PastorRuth1012 #cesazone5 #cewaterfalls

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A SUPERCALIFRALIGISTICEXPALIDOCIUS Birthday to my Zonal Pastor, Pastor, Mum, Boss, Coach, Instructor, and so much more... Pastor, today is another opportunity to lavishly thank God for giving us YOU this side of heaven! I love you so much! #PastorRuth1012 #cesazone5 #cewaterfalls

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HEALTHY LIVING TIPS GET A LITTLE EXTRA SUNLIGHT These days, medical experts, dermatologists, beauticians and a host of other professionals warn against exposure to sunlight as the ultraviolet rays (UVR) from the sun have harmful effects on your skin. Consequently, many now have a high phobia of the sun and all outdoor activities.  While some of the rays from the sun may be harmful to some extent, the sun, nevertheless, is a natural resource, and daily exposure to sunlight for specific periods is beneficial to your health generally. Let's look at a few major health benefits of sunlight... CONTINUE READING 👉 Follow this superuser for regular updates. Remember to join us @ every Saturday from 7pm to 7.30pm GMT+1 for the Global Prayer Session, where partners of the Healing School pray concerning the ongoing Autumn Session. #healthyliving #hspartner #healingtothenations #hspn

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Over 600,000 youths from 85 countries programmed to fulfill divine destiny as beacons of success. LoveWorld News at

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My cell leader gave me the best Birthday gift ever;Faith's Proclamations CD.What a gift!Thank you Pastor Sir for such precious words!

How do you say thank you in tongues?Only esoteric language can express the depth of my gratitude for the message 'A Time for Change'. #YOTS

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3 days to go. The BLW Nation and the rest of the world are waiting to be blessed by your song. We are proud of you. Thank you "Carltone" for giving God a voice through your voice.

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Happy birthday sis. Cathrine. A true and loyal helper of the war you are. Thank you for all you do in ministry. Love you! #cesazone5

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#ChristmasEveWithPastorChris Where Are You Watching From? Share with us by commenting below. Happening Now: Christmas Eve Service with Pastor Chris, tune in to LoveWorldSAT to watch Live TRAVELLING? You can WATCH/LISTEN on the LoveWorldSAT New Mobile App:

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Happening Now: Christmas Eve Service with Pastor Chris Live on LoveWorldSAT. #ChristmasEveWithPastorChris

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