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WHY ARE WE BLESSED? The blessing is a divine enablement. It invokes an increase in capability and ability. It quickens, accelerates, multiplies that which exists. It unlocks and unravels potentials. When God blessed the great whales and winged fowls in Genesis 1:22, He licenced & enabled them to spread ànd flourish. The waters & earth were empty but through the blessing He caused them to fill the waters and the earth. As a result of the blessing these animals reproduced after their own kind; they created an innumerable others like themselves.... not others less than themselves. Then God created man, in His image and after His likeness; not in a lower class. Man was made just like God; in the God-class. Genesis 1:28 "And God blessed them, and God said unto them, Be fruitful, and multiply, and replenish the earth, and subdue it: and have dominion over the fish of the sea, and over the fowl of the air, and over every living thing that moveth upon the earth". In addition to producing after his kind, God licenced man through the blessing to subdue the earth and have dominion over all other creations. Man was not blessed to subdue or have dominion over other men... this was definitely not the purpose of the blessing. .... To be continued #thinkonthesethings

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Thursday Prayer Points • Thank God for the planning and logistics put in place for the successful organisation of Super Sunday across the Zone; declare that God’s grace is abundantly evident in everyone involved and they are performing their tasks excellently according to the pattern shown to them. (1Cor 14:40, Rm 8:14). • Declare that as our Pastor/Coordinator ministers to us during the program, we would all come to a place of spiritual maturity through accurate and precise knowledge and that the word of God will dominate their lives and every circumstance. (Heb 5:14, Ephe 4:14). • Declare that through this unique program, every member will receive specific word for their lives that will alter the course of events to line up with God’s perfect will for them, their families, work, business and all life’s endeavours both now and in the years to come. (Hab 2:1). • Declare that as a result of this program, all our churches in the Zone are growing numerically and are a strong force that cannot be ignored, influencing the entire continent and establishing the BLW mindset in our cities and counties. (Mt 16:18, Acts 19:20). • Pray that every resource required to bring to pass the desires of the Spirit for this program is made available to us by free course unhindered and that angels are working on our behalf even now. (Heb 1:14, 1 Chr29:6-9). • Pray for the unsaved who will attend this program; that the veil covering their minds will be removed through the gospel and that the impact of the message will result in their salvation, healing and deliverance. (2 Cor 4:4, 2 Pet 3:9). #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE #VISION400 #SUPERSUNDAY2017

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Super Sunday *PRAYER FOR THE SALVATION OF SOULS* • Pray for the lost and unsaved people who have never heard this glorious gospel. Pray that they will receive this truth with understanding as they come for this program and declare that every wall of resistance is broken and they will embrace the word of God for their salvation (1Ti 2:1-4, 2Cor 4:3-6). • Pray for the vision and message communicated through Super Sunday to continue to prevail and gain acceptance and value through every available means in cities and nations of the world as hope for the nations and peoples of the world as testimonies abound. (Lk 8:40, Isa 60:3). • Pray for great and massive harvest of souls through this program. Declare that as a result of this program Vision 400 is a reality in our churches; we lay claims to these souls, and we snatch them from the powers of darkness and inventors of evil and we establish righteousness in high places. (Jn8:30, Jn 10:41-42, 12:42, Isa 60:22). • Declare that as a result of Super Sunday our message is received by world renowned and notable figures in every sphere of human endeavours such that their decision making process and ideologies is completely influenced and altered by our messages.(Lk 8:1-3, Acts 26:27-29, Is 60:3) • Pray for every of our members to rise and take charge in their sphere of contact, dominate and win souls for this program and disciple them according to the tenets of our gospel. ( Mt10:7-8, Jn 15:8, Mt 28:19-20) #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE #VISION400 #SUPERSUNDAY2017

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MORNING JUICE☀ "Don’t judge or try to outdo others. Relate to them with the love of Christ that’s in your heart." -Rev Dr Chris Oyakhilome D.D (Rhapsody of Realities, October 2017) _______________________ Tap FOLLOW on LoveWorld TV Superuser or Download our mobile app today, for the Best Updates. #LoveWorldTV; Spreading Love, Changing the World

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Super Sunday *Monday Prayer Points* PLANNING & ORGANIZATION EX. 31: 1 – 6; 1 Cor. 14:40, Ps. 127: 1 • Pray and declare that Super Sunday all across the Zone is under the guidance of the Holy Spirit; the planning team will function in wisdom and excellence, producing perfect results. • Declare that as we evangelised and follow through on every instruction, there‘ll be no hitches. The right things are done at the right times and the planning team demonstrate high level of perfection in their assigned responsibilities. • Declare that all aspects of the planning and organization are done in harmony and synchrony with the plan, purpose and timing of God. Pray that every laid down procedure to monitor the work by personnel in charge of various activities for this program will be effective to achieve the desired results. • Pray concerning the planning and logistics of this program, declare that the perfection of the Word is demonstrated in the entire program organization from the beginning of the program to the end. • Pray for increased grace on every member across the Zone and declare that as they sow their time, effort and resources; they will receive outstanding results and rewards in this life and in that which is to come. #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE #SuperSunday2017 #VISION400

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Super Sunday Across the Zone *Thursday Prayer Points* • Pray that the aim and purpose of this special program will dawn in the heart of every Pastor, leader and member of our various churches. Pray also that every Pastor will be so full of the anointing of the Spirit and ready to speak the word with power. (Lk 4: 14-15, Jn 4: 32-35) • Pray that through these programs in our churches, the word of God will spread throughout our different catchment areas and nation; many will come to know the love of God and receive salvation; healings and mighty works will be wrought through the preaching of the gospel. (Acts 5:28, Acts 6:8) • Pray also that the soul of our nation will be taken for Jesus through this program. (Acts 19:20) • Pray that our brethren will make themselves available to every activity that will culminate in the success of the program (early morning prayers, prayer chain, publicity etc. (John 9:4, 2 Cor 8:3-5) • Pray that God’s Anointing will be upon every publicity material (fliers, chest tags, IV cards, Banners etc), each will bring about an increased awareness of the program and cause many to attend the program. (1 John 5:4) • Pray that in all churches where this program is being held, outstanding miracles will characterise the services and that the Glory of God will be manifested in such a unique way. The entire auditorium will be filled with the tangible power and presence of God. (Lk 5:17, Acts 5:16) #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE #VISION400 #SUPERSUNDAY2017

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Super Sunday *Wednesday Prayer Points* *SUPER SUNDAY PROGRAM ACROSS OUR ZONE* • Pray that the planning and preparation for this special program will be by the leading of the Spirit and the purpose of this special program will be fulfilled. Pray also that there will be demonstrations of the Spirit in these meetings with miracles, signs and wonders to the end that many will believe in the saving power of our Lord Jesus Christ. (Lk 4: 14-15, Acts 6:8, Acts 10: 38, Jn 4: 35) • Pray that the word of God will be ministered though the Spirit and will cut to the heart of everyone present. Pray that boldness and utterance will be given our Pastors and ministers to preach the word fearlessly and with conviction.(Eph 6: 18-19, Acts 4: 29- 31) • Pray that the impact of this program will be felt all across our zone and nations of the world and will result in a great positive change. Pray that many more doors will be opened up in the nations for our ministry and our message will gain the ascendancy and be received with gladness. (2Cor 4:3-5, Acts 5:28) • Pray for the participation of our brethren; that they will see themselves as a vital part of the success of this program. Pray that the vision of our ministry and the great commission will be a driving force within them that will motivate them to go above and beyond themselves to see to the success of this program. Declare that our brethren participate fully in giving towards the program, early morning prayers, prayer chain, publicity etc. (Phil 4:15, Jn 9:4, 2 Cor 8:1-5) • Pray that a unique and special anointing will be upon every publicity material (fliers, chest tags, IV cards, Banners etc), each will bring about an increased awareness of the program and cause many to attend the program. #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE #VISION400 #SUPERSUNDAY2017

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Happy birthday sir! You are loved

Our PASTOR giving back his seed towards our church bus!!! Double harvest glory to God!

The brethren took to the stage dancing to Eben's Victory!!! Happening Now

Time to cut the cake!

Happening now!!! Cutting of the cake!

Happy birthday to our highly esteemed Pastor Vincent. We love you sir

Hapenning now...Pastor Vincent's surprise birthday party!!!!

HAPPENING NOW !!! Zonal Stakeholders Conference with our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor, Pastor Tayo Ojo. #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE #VISION400

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Wow ! What a testimony! There's no hopeless situation when it comes to God. www.loveworldtv.co.uk/expose-magazine

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🙏Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Wed Sept 27🙏 Did you know God's grace is made perfect in weakness? Learn more in today's Rhapsody or download from http://rhapsodyofrealities.org We'll pray in tongues of the spirit for most of both 15min sessions at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT). Pray also for your country. Remember to attend the midweek service today in church onsite or online. God bless you. - PastorChris #CEUKVZ2 #LOVEZONE #SpringTime #Vision400 

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📣📣📣NEW RELEASES - COMING IN OCTOBER!!!😉😉😉 ✔3 EPIC TEACHINGS BY PASTOR CHRIS..it's 7...7..7🤗🤗🤗. 👉🏽7 FACTORS FOR A HEALTHY SPIRITUAL LIFE 👉🏽7 FACTORS FOR A VICTORIOUS LIFE 👉🏽7 FACTORS FOR SPIRITUAL ADVANCEMENT WATCH OUT FOR MORE UPDATES HERE!!! 🎁😀 #newmessagerelease #comingonpcdlinoctober #7factorsforavictoriouslife #7factorsforahealthyspirituallife #7factorsforspiritualadvancement #exclusivelyonpcdl

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