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With God, there’s always greater heights. #monthofchange

We lose no ground to the enemy #GlobalPrayerandFasting

He came unto his own, and his own received him not. But as many received Him, to them he gave the right (and authority) to become the Sons of God! John 1:12-13 Having received the spirit of adoption, producing sonship, we joyfully cry Abba! Father! Romans 8:15

ZONAL RHAPATHON WITH PASTOR WEEK 3 @ ELELENWO ; DAY 1 If Government can put in so much to fight a virus how much more sin virus. God didn't put in some but gave His all. Our giving is a proof that we understand God's mission and vision. #cephzone #ZonalRhapathon #rhapathon2020

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Through FAITH we understand.... #blwcampusministryrocks #BLWSAZONEB

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GLOBAL PRAYER SERVICE WITH PASTOR CHRIS. ✔ "You don't prepare for war in the time of war, you prepare for war in the time of peace"... Learn to pray for the preaching of the Gospel. ✔ Sometimes even good people are used against the Church of Jesus Christ; Never find yourself in a position where you are used against the Church of Jesus Christ. ✔ We are never alone, that's why you must fear nothing!  ✔ Prepare to be tough now, fill your heart with faith not at the time of crises but now. ✔ The day will come where the only place you'll hear the voice of encouragement is the Churchwardens. Hence the devil will try to cut you off from the Church, because that's where people are praying for you.  ✔ Learn to stand for God even in the face of threats; take a stand  ✔ Don't settle for chicken Christianity! Grow up for God! There are things you must do for the Gospel of our Lord Jesus. ✔ The Church of Christ can not be annihilated by anybody #GlobalPrayerService #CGI

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I've gone beyond being loved for me. I'm loved for my love for God. Remember the fire is not just for you... It brings glory to God so it can bring others to God. Im hidden where I'm found and I'm found where am hidden.


Like keys in a piano, no note of praise from the mouths of His children sounds the same to Him yet it all sounds perfectly perfect. #SweetSacrifice #FruitofOurLips

That the eyes of my heart be flooded with light.... 😭 Something about understanding - it is overwhelming.. In a good way Feed yourself with knowledge.

You don't want to experience the pain of "I should have won that soul...". Preach.

Easy to win won souls... Start a new thing - see it spring forth!

Only by faith do we understand...


Imagine if I had to wait to get to heaven to experience heaven 🤣🤣🤣

Where would I be?

Never lagging in zeal - shining brighter and brighter unto the perfect day...

Of course my heart is big - it carries God.

Hand yourself over to knowledge, let it arrest you

Remember to seek it and find it - inside of you. Kingdom of God is anything under the influence of God, and being His living tabernacle, you carry the Kingdom of God. If you seek and don't look inside, you will chase your tail. I'm not a man beating the air... Selah

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