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#KingschatRecommends Moments ago on YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIALS With Pastor Chris. Credit : @lwnews Got great content? Hashtag KingschatRecommends to have your post considered for the next round of recommendations! 💫💃🏻🎉

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QUOTE OF THE DAY: PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME DSC.DD✨📝✨📝 "Don’t be moved by the negative actions, comments or ill-treatments from others. Rather, respond in love to those who hurt or despitefully use you. If you act this way, you’ll be protecting your own spirit and at the same time promoting love, harmony and unity. Make the quality choice not to allow someone’s bad behaviour change your good character." - - #loveworldsat #Loveworldnetworks #quoteoftheday #pastorchris

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🇺🇸🎉🌺🌺CHRONICLES OF SALVATION🌺🌺🎉🇺🇸 Family meet 6 year old Sis Righteous, sharing her testimony. Righteous was supposed to visit the water park for her 6th birthday, but she was taken to dad’s family house where there was a gathering of about 30-40 adults. Somehow Righteous was given an opportunity to speak, and she did, and she led all 30-40 adults to salvation. Indeed “Out of the mouth of babes and sucklings hast thou ordained strength…”(Psalm 8:2) #endtimesoldier #soulwinningthehawai’iway #usar1z2

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WOW! A MUST WATCH: A child praying over copies of Kiddies Rhapsody of realities he received before distribution. Truly, the children are also ready for the end time movement. Visit for more inspiring movement. #EndTimeSoldiers Credit: @lwcm . . . . . . . . #kiddiesloveworld #trainup #kiddiesrhapsody

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FAVOR AIN’T FAIR “Pastor, the plane is boarding, are you on your way sir?” Came the voice on the phone. The real question was where was I? Hmmmmm…. So I need to reverse a bit and start from the beginning. I was pastoring in the northern part of Nigeria. That day, we were meant to be on our way to Lagos for a crucial meeting with Pastor Chris. For some reasons - I think it was the weather, there were issues with flights and there was this crucial flight we couldn’t afford to miss. I didn’t have enough information on arrival and departure because things had become all mixed up at the airport end. Anyways, all the other pastors had gone to the airport. The idea was to inform me when the flight was ready. So that’s the background story. Now for the present story of this before story. While waiting for them, I decided to take a shower and go through my morning rituals. Now, there is just something about bathrooms that I can’t explain. I also don’t know if it happens only to me… some of my best ideas just happen to come in the bathroom!! Just seating on the toilet bowl, turning on the shower or getting ready to brush my teeth can trigger an avalanche of innovative ideas. Sometimes it could just be something that has been on my mind and I need clarity. Suddenly, the solution just comes like a flash. It is not like I don’t get ideas from elsewhere oh!! before someone starts to think that my primary angel is called bathicus. But this bathroom idea something is kinda weird. So you understand how it is for me in bathrooms. My average bathroom time is about 1 hr. Pre Ipad days, I had all sorts of magazines in the bathroom. These days, I go with my IPad. Everyone close to me knows that you don’t disturb me when I am in the bathroom. So you can imagine that as I had just settled into 20 mins of my 1hr, I got the call. Shuoooo, plane is boarding!!! Jessooooosss!! What do I do? I still had to brush my teeth, I still had to take a bathe, I still had to dress up and most importantly, I still had to get to the airport 😅😂🤣. I quickly despatched angel bathicus to go hold the plane. Ahh ahhh, shey it is kukuma him that caused the delay. If he wasn’t gisting with me in the bathroom, I would have been at the airport since. Hmmmmm… the way I showered, bathed and got ready is still a mystery to me. All I know is that I was ready in record time. I am sure if my mum was around, she would have looked at me with one eye and would have shouted “Tony get back into the shower!! Scrub that ear!!” Choi!! African parents!! 🤣😂😅. I remember my dad once scrubbing me so much that I turned 3 shades of lightness in 10 mins. Anyways, back to my narrative. I saw several missed calls on my phone. As I picked it up, another came in. “Pastor, the plane has finished boarding. It is about to leave” “Pastor Victor, you better hold that plane. I am on my way” “Yes sir! came the voice on the other side” As I dropped, I wondered what kind of assignment I had just given the brethren. We don’t own the plane, we don’t own the airport. I was still at least 20 mins away. Ahhhh but thank God for trained brethren and evangelism. We did own the airport and we did own the plane. We had done lots of evangelical work at that airport. We had lots of brethren that worked there and we had great relationships with the administrators of the airport. Anyways, in my jeans and T shirt, we raced to the airport and I finally got to the tarmac to meet a plane that had been delayed almost 30 mins after scheduled departure ( I know ehhh… my bad😣). My brethren had divided themselves. Some were on the flight while others had disembarked and were on the tarmac waiting for me. As I came, they told me of all the hilarious tactics they had deployed to hold the plane. As I entered the plane, mehnnn… come and see hissing!!! Jesooooos!! It immediately reminded me of psalm 23. If eyes and hissing could kill… but you know how it is.. no weapon!!! La la la la ( that’s me dancing makossa). You see, the pilot had announced a delay on the grounds that there were waiting for one important dignitary. So they were on the look out for this great dignitary when slim, thin, T-shirt wearing me appeared. I didn’t even have a small pot belly 😅😂🤣. At least a pot belly would have improved the situation. Choi!! I am really a spoilt child!! Favor isn’t fair. The brethren did try but favor and grace were at work. If God hadn’t sanctioned it… God does unusual things not because we “deserve it” but because He just wants to show us off!! Enter into the mindset of the graced… everything is possible and anything is possible!! …………………. Oya, click assignment for the week. I need to grow our @ln247 kingschat Superuser to 1000. Please add yourself to the LN247 Superuser and invite friends and family to help. If we hit 1000 this week, I will do a part 2 of favor isn’t fair. This my plane journey ehhhh!! It is a wonder. That’s how one day I bounced the current Vice President of Nigeria off his seat on an international flight!!! You want to hear that story abi? We have to reach the 1000 super user first 😅😂🤣. ……………………. Discovery of the week A new kingschat handle @loveworldsingers Get a scoop on all ministry songs. Get to know all the lyrics. No need to be doing hmmmmm hmmmmmm hmmm when you get to the parts of songs you don’t know. Now you can copy all the words and create your own song book. ……………………. Your loveworld specials with Pastor Chris. Season 3 phase 6!!!! Pastor instructed us to tell everyone we know and invite them to be a part of the program. Something special is going to be released. There is grace available in obedience. Take advantage of the features of other social media. Paste the banners on your social media status. Every day, use it to tell a story and drive people to the program. Create a way for them to interact with you. Intentionally invite people and follow them up to make sure they come. Make plans to be a part of the program. Don’t get into front of the Tv and fall into deep sleep 😅😂🤣. We are not part of the deep state!! ………………… Finally…. News is all around you. Information would come to you even if you don’t want it. It is however very important that you know whom your news source is from. Loveworld news 24/7- LN247 is our 24 hour news channel. News, reviews, business, lifestyle and entertainment amongst others. Please watch and let me know what you think. Catch ya next week. Muah!!!

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LIVE NOW: YOUR LOVEWORLD SPECIAL & PRAISE-A-THON “... the Spirit of salvation shall be poured out... and it shall increase until rapture...” Tune in to participate live now: #YourLoveworld #CESAREGION

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💐💚🎉🏆 HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR PATIENCE MUTYAMAENZA💐💚🎉🏆 What a beautiful day it is today as we celebrate you. Thank you for your passion and commitment in empowering and nurturing lives with God's word. We love you and God bless you. #loveworldsatcelebrates #loveworldsatpartners

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VISION CONFERENCE 2021 WITH HIGHLY ESTEEMED PASTOR TT TEMISAN The grace of God on your life is not for laziness. You don't receive grace to go and sleep. You use it. You spend it. You multiply it. Grace is like money.... PASTOR EWAEN TEMISAN TOPIC : HAVING A VISION, BELIEVING IN IT AND OBEYING IT.

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BELOVED ARE YOU RAPTURE READY? The Titanic.....typifying our world and the Church..... was the largest, safest and strongest luxury ship in the world before it embarked on its earth most mysterious shocking maiden voyage in April 1912. All kinds of people were welcomed on the ship for its first voyage. The rich, the famous, the elite, women, children, families and staff of the ship were all happy to be on board. It was billed to be the ship that could not sink, but it did sink on its first journey from Southampton to New York. This was one of the greatest tragedies of all time. After the ship sank, two lists were presented at the offices of The White Star Company (the company which built the Titanic). The list was simple. It had only two sections: ‘LOST’ and ‘SAVED’. People came to read these lists to find out if their loved ones had survived. Interestingly, before the journey so many things seemed more important. Whether they worked on the ship or were on  vacation? Whether they were rich or poor. Whether they were millionaires or peasants. Whether they were stockbrokers or not. Whether they were in first class, business class or economy class. Whether they were men or women. Whether they had a lot of luggage or not. But after the sinking of the Titanic NONE of these things mattered anymore. Only one thing mattered- whether they were SAVED or LOST. Dear friend THIS is how Eternity will be. A time will come when NONE of the things we have on this earth will matter. A time will come when it will not matter whether you are a man or a woman, married or single, titled or not, educated or not! A time will come when it will not matter whether you are rich or poor, successful or not, influential or obscure, famous or not! What will matter is whether you are ‘LOST’ or ‘SAVED’ on the day you either check out of this world by falling asleep in Jesus's arms or catching the Rapture flight to meet our Lord. GIVE YOUR LIFE TO JESUS TODAY! AND IF YOU ALREADY HAVE, LIVE FOR HIM!!!! ➡️Prepare your heart to serve him ➡️Make preparations for the Church ➡️Prepare with the Gospel ➡️Prepare to meet God Share this with all your contacts (it is someone's chance to NOT MISS THE VERY SOON COMING EVENT that will shock and shake this world for 7 years - THE CATCHING AWAY OF THE CHURCH.

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PREPARING YOUR HEART TO SERVE AND MEET OUR LORD ❤ BE SILENT.... 1.  Be silent in the heat of anger.....refuse to foam up quickly into uncontrollable wrath, passion, acting impulsively or having a short fuse  - (Prov 14:17 KJV, TPT) 2.  Be silent....when you don't have all the facts - patiently listen for the facts before you speak. To do otherwise, is to manifest a hasty Spirit that stirs up friction, strife and discord (Prov 18:13 KJV, AMPC) 3.  Be silent..... when you haven't verified the story from the mouth, testimony and evidence of two or three TRUE witnesses -   (Deut 17:6 KJV, AMPC, AMP) 4.  Be silent if by exercising your enlightenment, knowledge of spiritual things; understanding of spiritual liberties and freedoms, your words and actions ruin, offend a baby or spiritually weaker Christian whom Christ died for - (1 Cor 8:11 AMPC, ) 5.  Be silent, accept and take heed when it is time to wisely listen to the correction,  in a rebuke or discipline regardless of how it's dished out.....a know-it-all never listens to correction- (Prov 13:1 AMPC, TPT) 6.  Be silent and learn spirituality in the house of the Lord and do not be tempted to make light of holy and sacred things as Esau did. Think before you speak and don't make rash promises to God. God's in charge, not you - the less you speak, the better. When you make a promise to God, do it with a sense of urgency - (Eccl 5:2-3,4 GNT) 7.  Be silent when you are tempted to not care, joke about making amends for sin, injustice or unrighteousness. The righteous work at doing right by God and it brings them fulfilment and favour- (Prov 14:9 AMPC, NCV) 8.  Be silent, listen to WISDOM, pause, ensure that your palate meditates and speaks TRUTH; that there is nothing false or misleading and wickedness is an abomination to your lips. See to it that all the words of your mouth are not tortuous but righteous, upright and in right standing with God; that there is nothing devious, contrary to truth or crooked in them. Be silent if you would regret or be ashamed of your words and utterances later - (Prov 8:8 AMPC, DARBY, GNB, NLT) 9.  Be silent, maintain your confidence and cool spirit, bridle your tongue and let your words be few when your heart is under pressure; and you'll be deemed insightful, wise and esteemed a man of deep and spiritual understanding. An understanding heart keeps you cool, calm and collected no matter what you are facing. Better to hold your peace when provoked, if your words would misrepresent you, mislead or give the wrong impression - (Prov 17:27 AMPC, TPT). 10. Be silent, make it your personal ambition to live a quiet life, peacefully, unflinchingly minding your own business and affairs. Culture your soul to quiet down, focus on things that matter to God the most; let God's Word hold you down and restrain you from engaging, if the issue is none of your business - (1 Thessalonians 4:11 GNB, AMPC) 11. Be silent watch over and guard the affections of your heart for they affect who you are and become; hold your peace and stand steadfast in the Truth even when you are outnumbered and tempted to tell a blatant and outright lie, engage in careless banter, gossip, pretentious words; talking from both sides of your mouth- (Prov 4:24 -27 TPT, MSG, ) 12. Be silent if your words will burn with evil,  stir up conflict, cause friction, dig up dirt on others, spread mean lies and gossip, belittle and ultimately damage, recklessly ruin, diminish or take away someone else's honor and shred their reputation. Of what value or worth are your words if they ruin good friendships and destroy lasting relationships? Be wise and watch out for people who grin lavishly and wink at you, they have nothing good in their minds for you but disaster- (Pro 16:27 -28 NIV, TPT, MSG, GNT) 13. Be silent, confide intensely in prayer to God and not men, hold and control your tongue when things are not going your way or circumstances contend with your peace or you are upset and restless within, feeling critical, resentful and judgmental - (James 3:9-10 AMPC,TPT, GNB) 14. Be silent If you can't say it without controling your temper, throwing a tantrum, screaming, ranting or raving; being like this you are likely to be helpless, unprotected, an easy prey and vent for satan's demoralizing and destructive expressions - (Prov 25:28 TPT, MSG, GNB, GNT) 15. Be silent If your words will be filled with lies, threats, insults, retorts when you are right, persecuted or mistreated. Better to hold your peace so you won't be a poor specimen of Christ who's watching you in secret - (1 Peter 2:21-23 TPT, GNB, ) 16. Be silent if your Words will torment your soul (mind) and if you know that you will not like the harvest of the fruits of your lips when you eat them later. For words kill, words give life; they are either poison or fruit- you choose. Sharing words of wisdom is satisfying to your inner being. It encourages you to know that you've changed someone else's life. Remember your words are so powerful that they can kill or give life to those who hear you - (Prov 18:20-21 MSG, TPT) 17. Be silent if you have already said it more than once, you want to be taken seriously, honored and respected  - (Prov 19:13b TPT, MSG) 18. Be silent when you are tempted and cajoled to flatter a wicked and unjust person, history and life will not be kind or forgiving - (Prov 24:24 NLT, MSG, GNT) 19. Be silent when you are supposed to be working, innovating and creating wealth it leads to profit, idle talk leads to poverty - (Prov 14:23 AMPC, TPT) "WHOEVER GUARDS HIS MOUTH AND TONGUE KEEPS HIS SOUL FROM TROUBLES" - (Prov 21:23 KJV). "Watch your tongue and keep your mouth shut and you will stay out of trouble; Watch your words and be careful what you say, and you'll be surprised how few troubles you'll have; if want to stay out of trouble be careful what you say. Watch your words and hold your tongue; you’ll save yourself a lot of grief". Proverbs 21:23 NLT, MSG, TPT, GNT. Ptadzworld Copyrights Reserved Love you!❤🙋‍♀️ #watchandpray #raptureready #prepareyourhearttomeetthelord

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DON'T MISS GOD!!! We are in the timing of the Spirit, don't be confused, we are in the place we should be in the Spirit. The church is in sync with the Spirit of God. Watch this video! _ _ #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks #pastorchris #church #endtimes

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ALWAYS RESPOND TO THE CALL TO GIVE ~ BY PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME. Every man according as he purposeth in his heart, so let him give; not grudgingly, or of necessity: for God loveth a cheerful giver (2 Corinthians 9:7). One important blessing you should crave and desire to walk in is the grace of giving. Giving is a grace. When that grace is at work in your life, every opportunity to give becomes for you a celebration, especially knowing that God is always the last giver. No one can ever out-give Him. That’s why whenever He asks you to give or when there’s a call to give, you ought to respond swiftly. This is something you must practise consciously. Some unwisely hold on to that which they’re supposed to give to the Lord, not realizing that God only asks us to give so we can be launched into the next level of our prosperity in Him. Another reason you must always be prompt to give is that your financial seeds to God could sometimes serve as ransom for your life against evil. Proverbs 13:8 says, “The ransom of a man’s life are his riches….” You need to realize that though Satan is a defeated foe, he’s a rebel, who continuously seeks to snare God’s people. Don’t give him a chance in your life. Sowing special seed-offerings is one sure way to obliterate every hindrance he places in your path. Testimonies abound of people who were delivered in desperate or terminal situations after they gave a special seed-offering. That offering became the ransom for their lives! Many in the Bible experienced and wrought miraculous victories through their sacrificial giving. Luke 6:38 says, “Give, and it shall be given unto you; good measure, pressed down, and shaken together, and running over, shall men give into your bosom. For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” The promise is to the giver. The Lord will multiply the seeds that you sow, and cause you to inherit greater substance as you give. Moreover, your blessings on financial giving don’t necessarily have to be in money. There’re several other blessings that accrue to you as a giver, some of which are by far greater than immediate financial returns. So, each time you have the opportunity to give, be excited, because it means the Spirit of God is doing something in your life that’ll affect the course of your destiny. PRAYER Dear Lord, I thank you, for your grace to give is at work in my life. I give joyfully and bountifully always, without holding back, because I recognize that you’re my source; my prosperity comes from you. I thank you for increasing your grace and capacity in me to give and be a blessing, in Jesus’ Name. Amen. #monthofcelebration #8DOM #thankyoupastorchris #excellence #prayathon2020 #affirmationtrain #talkingsession #prayingnow #rhemafortoday #8daysofmeditation #yourloveworld #theyearofpreparation

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IMPORTANT INFORMATION FROM THE PRESIDENT OF LOVEWORLD INCORPORATED: PASTOR CHRIS OYAKHILOME DSC DD. Beginning on Friday 8th of January, to 14th of January (7 days), we’ll have a global prayer hour at 12noon to 1pm GMT+1. Check your local time to coincide with this specific period. During this hour of prayer, all we’ll do is pray in the spirit, in tongues of the spirit, each day, at the same time. God bless you. FROM PASTOR TT EDUN TEMISAN Today is January 8th. These special hours of prayer begin today. This is part of the PREPARATION. Please, everyone, ensure that you participate. #yearofpreparation #christembassy #cemcabeokuta

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#TALKINGSESSION 8TH JANUARY. KINDLY SAY THESE WORDS OUT LOUD. Dear Heavenly Father, You’re gracious and kind; Your glory fills the heavens, and Your faithfulness is ever sure. Thank You for Your eternal love for me, and for the fellowship of the Holy Spirit. You’ve beautified my life with Your glory, and for this I worship You. I thank You for giving me the spirit of love, power, and a sound mind! I am super intelligent, for Your wisdom is at work in me. I declare that fear has no place in me. My mouth is filled today with faith-filled words by which I create circumstances that are consistent with the new creation life I have in Christ Jesus. My mind is continually open to receive new ideas. I refuse to see myself small in life, for the One in me is the limit-breaker! I see my greatness, my increase, and my influence bursting forth on every side. Hallelujah! The Spirit of the Lord lives in me and He’s anointed me without measure! I live above sickness, disease, infirmity, and death. I am replete with God! I could never be defeated or disadvantaged. I am anointed to walk in, and produce works of, righteousness; to proclaim liberty to the oppressed and recovery of sight to the blind; to heal the brokenhearted and liberate the down-trodden and oppressed, and turn the hearts of the wicked and disobedient to the wisdom of the just, in Jesus' Name. Amen! • Keep saying it, publish it everywhere; noise it abroad! In Christ, we've got something to shout about. Let's flood the airwaves, internet and print media with the reality of Christ. Speak in other tongues now. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #talkingsession #ippc2020 #yourloveworld #affirmationtrain #wordatwork #wordfest2020 #wordfest2 #alignment #thankyoupastorchris #strengthened #supernatural #proclamation #excellence #blessings #perfection #completeness

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WELCOME TO 2021, THE YEAR OF PREPARATION 4 POINTS TO NOTE👇 Prepare your heart to serve the Lord. Make preparations for the house of God. Make preparations for the Gospel. Prepare to meet God. #theyearofpreparations #healingtothenations

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HAPPY NEW YEAR 🎉 🎉 Congratulations and Welcome to #2021 The Lord is preparing his church for the soon coming of the Lord Jesus ~The Rapture #ENTER2021WITHPASTORCHRIS #CEMCABUJA

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💫THE YEAR OF PREPARATION💫 For important points to note for this year 1⃣ Prepare your heart to serve the Lord 2⃣ Make preparation for the house of God 3⃣ Preparation of the Gospel (prepare with the Gospel) 4⃣ Prepare to meet God - TUNE IN NOW - Share your testimonies on #31stservicewithpastorchris #2021 #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks #newyearseveservice2020

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This is really amazing! I also like the part that says "If it wasn't for Christ Embassy, If it wasn't for Pastor Chris, Spirit Embassy would not have had the blue print to follow. I also like the part that he said, "His life changed the day he realized that the prophet, @uebertangel is his man of God" even though he is his son. Ignore the voices around you, and fix your gaze on Jesus.

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CONGRATULATIONS CHRONICLES OF PROPHECY FOR WINNING TALK SHOW OF THE YEAR 2020!🌏🌟💃🌟🌏 #blwstaffawards #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks

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CONGRATULATIONS YVONNE KATSANDE, NEWS PRESENTER OF THE YEAR 2020!🌏🌟💃🌟🌏 #blwstaffawards #loveworldsat #loveworldnetworks

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