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Happybirthday to my highly esteemed Pastor, friend and brother Pas Vale Odu Thomas. I want to thank God for your exemplary service in our great ministry . I love you. Enjoy your day.

My Baby George Turn's 18 today. Join me to celebrate. What an awesome, hot, cool and amazing guy . So kind, so caring, so helpful, so gracious, so interesting, so intelligent, so friendly, so handsome, sooooo tall and so wonderful. I love you baby The grace on Pastor Chris is on you and you will fulfill your purpose. 💋🤸‍♂️💃🥁👏🏻😘😘😘💋💋💋💋💋📣📢🙌💯💯💯

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Happy Birthday dearest Pastor Rita. I join our dear nation and the host of heaven in the celebration of a rare gem. An excellent daughter of our man of God, son of consolation, a great innovator, a multi faceted personality and achiever. You will yet impact lives, systems and nations. God bless bless you richly and stupendously. ENJOYYYYYYYY a perfect year I love youuuuuu dearly. Mwaaah Mwaaaaah 😘💋😘💋🥁👏🏻💃💯.

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Happy birthday to the Highly esteemed Pastor Chidi Ezimako. Enjoy your day as we celebrate our victory over evil and violence of wicked men.

Happy birthday to our highly esteemed Pastor Awele Odu-Thomas. We love you dearly.

Sweetheart happy birthday and thank you for the partnership in this journey in the vision ....Thank you for being sold out to everything Jesus, our man of God...and for loving me and the children ... I love you endlessly

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Happy Birthday Pastor ma, Thank you for all you do in the ministry and thank you for the positive influence of your life and ministry in our lives. Thank you for being such a wonderful gift and help to my Daddy @pstvale I love you ma 😘❤😍❤

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Day 4 #Wordfest2020 #Texaszone1

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Happy birthday to my glorious Gloria, ever so full of wisdom, love &humility. In all of Gods blessing, you top the list. Thank you for your passion for ministry & making ministry beautiful for me. You are indeed a perfect wife. I love you soooo much! Always from Gloria to Glory!

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Happy birthday to our highly esteemed Deaconess and woman of God. More years of glory in the Lord. Wishing you a glorious day of celebration and a year of total perfection.

Happy birthday Esteemed Pastor Yemisi Kudehinbu.. Thank you for blessing the world with the investment of your personality. You are a REMARKABLE person and a great inspiration to many. I rejoice with you ma. Enjoy your perfect year.🍾🍰🎁 #PYKFaceofPefection

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Wishing our highly esteemed Director of Rhapsody of Realities Department...Pastor Yemisi a glorious and happy birthday. I love you always and I join all in our great ministry to celebrate you today.. HBD.

Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Tina Onebamoi, Your selfless Service and consistency through the years is a blessing. Thank you for being so helpful and committed to the work of the ministry and the vision, Thank you for being God's outstanding arm, Thank you for being a great inspiration. We love you Dearly

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SHOWING TONIGHT: The Epic Phase 3 of "Your Loveworld with Pastor Chris" LIVE on all Loveworld Networks 🌎🌍🌏👑 It's another unique, special and loaded LIVE episode with the man of God, Pastor Chris tonight where we will be sharpened and strategically positioned as we enter a new level of undenial victory, as we shape our world in the purpose of God's will and purpose; paving the way for the soon coming KING. Spread the word. We will never be the same again. God bless you 😇 #yourloveworld #loveworldnetworks #loveworldsat #loveworldplus #loveworlduk #loveworldindia #loveworldusa

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Happy Happy Happy Birthday Pastor Tina of the Most High! Thank you for your selfless commitment to move the work forward in #CETXZONE1. We love and appreciate you dearly! Cheers to a glorious year ahead of you! God bless you richly!

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🎉🎉🎉 Happy Birthday Pastor Tina! We celebrate you now and always for all you do for #PastorMikeWiggle and #CETXZONE1. You are a big blessing! Enjoy your perfect year ahead! We love you dearly!

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Happy 9th Birthday to our BRIAN.....a miracle from conception , delivery and the life you live ...What joy you bring anywhere you enter ...It's clear your path is forward and upward .....Many thanks to my Pastor on that day 9yrs ago now ....Now BRIAN you are our testimony ...😍

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I have seen the Lord's goodness, his mercy and compassion, I have seen the Lords goodness, Hallelujah praise the Lord.. Oh Lord you have been so good, to me..Happy 50th Birthday to this daughter of the most High God and to one of the Daughters of Pastor Chris. Oghene MIGWO.🙏🙏🙏

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Wishing my beloved wife a happy golden birthday. I thank God for your faithfulness and commitment to our Global ministry and MOG. As you prepare for the ultimate flight with our highly esteemed MOG,Pastor Chris and the Loveworld family, I promise to be on the same seat with you.

Happy Birthday Pastor Lisa Lawal. Thank you for your love for the Lord and your dedication to the vision of our Man of God Pastor Chris. It is indeed your year of perfection!

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