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Do u need healing in ur spirit, soul and body d clock is ticking. it's 3 days 2 Healing Streams Live Healing service with Pastor Chris holding Fri 12th - 14th. Kindly use this link 2 register and share with someone who needs a touch from God .http://www.healingstreams.tv/3days

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RHEMA FOR TODAY. Say these with me, "My mind is sanctified by the Spirit and the Word. My whole being is full of light because the true light which lightens every man’s world is shining in my heart. I am making full proof of what Christ did for me, living triumphantly every day, in His Name, and for His glory. I am set on the right course for life! My path is as a shining light, shining brighter and brighter unto the perfect day! Every step I take is a step of progress, prosperity, success, and greatness. Hallelujah! I’m not ordinary; I’ve been crucified with Christ, nevertheless, I live, yet not I, but Christ lives in me. The life I now live in the flesh, I live by the faith of the Son of God, who loved me and gave Himself for me! God’s purpose is fulfilled in me, and I walk each day in the light of His Word! I am bold, strong, and courageous in my daily walk of faith. I take giant strides today based on the Word! By my faith in the Word, I accomplish great results; for the Word in me is a propelling force. Hallelujah! My mind is anointed to think right, being the mind of Christ. I think excellent thoughts, and I only see pictures of excellence, expansion, success, progress, victory, and abundance. My mind is focused on things that are true, honest, just, pure, lovely, of good report, virtuous and praiseworthy. Blessed be God. Hallelujah!" • Nothing happens in your life except that which you've voiced with your mouth. Your prosperity, health, success, victory, progress, and promotion in life are the result of what you say with your mouth. ~ Pastor Chris Oyakhilome. #themonthofgrace #newyearservice #wordfest2 #prayingnow #alignment #8daysofmeditation #affirmationtrain #thankyoupastorchris #talkingsession #prayathon2021 #8DOM #rhemafortoday #globaldayofprayer #realities

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CELEBRATING OUR BIG MUMMY!!! Happy Birthday to our Highly Esteemed Dcns Angel Oyakhilome. We celebrate your liquid love and thank you for blessing the world with our dear man of God. We Love you Ma #rhapsodyofrealitiesukeurope

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CELEBRATING OUR BIG MUMMY!!! Happy Birthday to our Highly Esteemed Dcns Angel Oyakhilome. We celebrate your liquid love and thank you for blessing the world with our dear man of God. We Love you Ma #rhapsodyofrealitiesukeurope

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Happy birthday to our dearest and well beloved "Big Mummy" Highly Esteemed Dcns. A.A. Oyakhilome. What a glorious and precious gift from God you are to us in the Loveworld Nation. Your gentle and admirably kind spirit and unfeign love for everyone; your sound and impactful words of wisdom, have constantly been immeasurable blocks that have built and strengthened our lives. Mummy, we celebrate your steadfastness in praying for the saints and your sincere desire for our unstoppable flourishing in life and ministry. God's spirit will keep you in strength and endless victories, until the glorious appearing of our Lord Jesus Christ. We love you dearly ma. #cebeninzone1

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Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Pastor Mike Wiggle. What a day to celebrate a bundle of joy. Thank you sir for your love, passion and dedication to the Loveworld Television Ministry. We love you dearly sir! #LTMPartners #RASS #LWAsia #Menaconference

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SWEETHEART Happy 20th wedding anniversary. Its been an exciting journey with u The love, the joy, the excitement, the passion, the fun,the victories.. Tnk you for helping me love Jesus more, giving all to the vision.. and following our man of God closely.Its just the beginning

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HAPPY WEDDING ANNIVERSARY to an exceptional family! For over 10 years at close range, we watch you live out the word of God on the home front. Thank you for mirroring the word of God to us always! It's from glory to glory sir, and we love you specially.

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Happy Anniversary to my Babe, a very special blessing from God. Every moment of the past 27 years has been filled with pleasant and beautiful memories. Thanks for being a wonderful friend, wife and lover to me. Thanks for helping me fulfil my destiny in God. Thanks for helping me serve Papa effectively in the gospel. I love you Dudu. 💯

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HBD my one and only. A great and exceptional husband , father, friend and lover. Thanks for being an exemplary leader ,an inspiration to me , thanks for following ardently our Man of God, Pastor Chris whose guidance & leadership have made us shine with boundless grace . I love u

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Having fun with the Lord and the brethren in Dallas Arlington #STPP

I want to use this opportunity to thank my father and my life coach Rev Chris Oyakhilome for leading us successfully through 2020 a year like no other and into our year of preparation. I thank God for your life. Happy new year sir. I love you dearly sir. Pastor Tim

Another time of the year is here to show our gratitude to our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ

Happy birthday to my father and my Man of God. The Apostle and Prophet of our generation. Pastor I know now what it means to have the mind of Christ and the mind of Pastor Chris. That is the secret place. Your Loveworld programs brought me there this year. Forever yours Dad. HBD.

Happy Birthday Esteemed Deacon Samson Increase. What a great time to celebrate you in our year of perfection. Thank you for all immeasurable work, commitment and dedication to the zone our great ministry and to our Man of God Pastor Chris. The you for your selfless service in God house. We love you Dearly #cearlington #cetxzone2

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Happy birthday Son @VictorValiant1. Its ur year of overflow of God's Blessings. Ur Coast is enlarged, greater things are spoken of u. God has perfected all that concerns u, his word accompanies u everywhere u go. Goodness, mercy, prosperity, peace ,health is your companion. I💗U

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Wow I have been with ds man for 27yrs this MOG my hubby, Olomhe, yes I was crafted 4 u by God, u were 4 me, all through thick ^ thin, we bring praise ^ Glory 2 d one who makes all things beautiful at His time. Let's go Olomhe 2 d next graced life 2gether in love always with God.

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Happy new month of Praise! Something beautiful happened after service today @CELVZ Lagos zone, Some set of guys came to church today asking for me and my brother @israelstrong they were led by the Anifowoshe Ikeja Youth President, popularly known as Alhaji Ilala. When I saw them, I was shocked because these guys don’t go to church, and with the kind of guys that came with them I thought their was trouble. I have been trying to win them to Christ and invite them to church for a while now and it’s been a bit challenging . They didn’t call either Pastor Isreal or myself that they would be in church. Seeing them today and hearing them talk, the words from there mouth was amazing. Anifowoshe community happened to be one of the communities we reached out to during the lockdown, we shared palliatives for them from Pastor Chris Oyakhilome’s Foundation. And we prayed for them. Their testimony today is that since they have been following different people in authorities none of them remembered them during the lockdown. Only Christ Embassy Church did. Since the time we came and prayed for them, their lives and that of their community has not been the same again. Even Alhaji Ilala confessed today that he has given his Life to Christ, unknowingly as he was talking to me today he was even speaking in tongues. They said they were in church not for food nor money all they only want is for us to bring praise and worship to their community and they were not ready to leave church today without Rhapsody of Realities to show to their people they truly came to church today. They wanted it ASAP, and we told them we have IPPC this month, they insisted it has to be this month of November, they can’t wait till December. What an eagerness to hear the word of God! And today, Pastor has declared this month ‘The Month of Praise’ so timely! I Thank God for my Pastor, my Daddy and Life coach, Pastor Chris Oyakhilome for giving me an opportunity to go back to the street to win souls for Christ, this is what I love doing and I will forever do it till Jesus comes. And Special Thanks to my Mother and Director Evang. Kathy aka. Mummy of All Stars, Mama Jaga2.7Trillion. For always being there for me all the time. #Jesusishere #Jagaishere

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Happy birthday to my Pastor and father in North America. Heaven and earth celebrate you on this day. Thank you for being a great support to our dear Man of God. Happy birthday sir. I love you sir

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