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Behold what manner of love the father has given unto us, that we should be called the sons of God. #LoveworldNorwich #Essexgroup #Ukzone2 #LNN #Loveworldladiesnetwork

Winning souls for the kingdom. Impacting Norwich with the Gospel. #LoveworldNorwich #Essexgroup #Ukzone2 #LNN #Loveworldladiesnetwork #Lovewordladiesnetwork2020 #recreatingyourworld

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Accelerated metamorphosis in my month of uplifting #BLWNorwich #Essexgroup #ukzone2 #accelaratedmetamorphosis

Accelarated metamorphosis next sunday #BLW Norwich #Essex Group #ukzone2

7 days to go. I will be there. Looking forward to accelerated metamorphosis

The place to be next sunday.

#ukzone2workersignite2019 #ukzone2 #ouryearoflights

CONFIRMED!!! Esteemed Pastor Tony Aduroja has confirmed the participation of UK ZONE 2 in the RHAPSODY COMMEMORATIVE EDITION! Congratulations to all our Esteemed Partners in UK ZONE 2 as you illuminate the world through the sponsorship of ONE MILLION COPIES OF Rhapsody of Realities in the 1st quarter of 2019!!! Watch this Space for More Exciting News on the Rhapsody of Realities Commemorative Edition!! #rorcommemorative #rhapsody #rhapsodyofrealities www.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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Happy Birthday to the most amazing and most loving and inspiring Boss and Director ever!! Love you so much Evang Ma. You are simply God's Best and I celebrate you always! 😘😘 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301 #EK2301

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Happy Birthday ma! You are a true light, and an extraordinary Illuminator. Excess love ma to you #EK2301 #REGGAENATION #CEKUBWA #CEAVZLMAM

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Happy birthday ma. #EK2301

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The Glory of The Word! The Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor for UK Zone 2, Pastor Tony Aduroja ministers on the Glory of The Word. The Glory is not a cloud as many have believed - Exodus 24;1-16 There is more to the Glory of God than the cloud, sun or brightness. The Glory refers to Riches, Splendour, Authority, Honour, Beauty and Excellence in God. The Glory is in you. We have been called into Eternal Glory by Christ Jesus, the moment we got born again - 1 Peter 5:10. The Glory can be increased through more of the knowledge of God's word. And you can manifest His Glory. #tgotwordblwcentralchurch #UKZone2

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GLOSSOLALIA SERIES (Episode 1) When you speak in tongues, you get direct information from the Holy Spirit. Learn more in this inspiring teaching as Pastor Chris sheds more light on the benefits of praying in the Spirit. It's Auto-Edification by Glossolalia. #AutoEdification #Glossolalia #GlossolaliaSeries #CEPHZONE3

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Ainda sobre o assunto da sabedoria de Deus, que reside em nós por Cristo Jesus, o pastor Chris mostrou aos delegados da Conferência dos Líderes e Parceiros em Gana como falar em consonância com a provisão de Deus nas escrituras.

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Junte-se ao Pastor Chris para Afirmar a Sabedoria no Trabalho em Ti Hoje [LPC Ghana Excerpt]

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Happening on Sunday 30th September Super Sunday with Pastor Tony Aduroja. Life is easy #ukzone2

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Super Sunday with Pastor Tony Aduroja @ Christ Embassy Lisbon. 30th September #Ukzone2

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É já no Domingo dia 30 de Setembro 2018. Super Domingo com o Pastor Tony Aduroja em Lisboa, Portugal.

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