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Yolo camp 2020 with Pastor Victor Uba 🔥 It’s a new season for the French teens and youth. We are ready to impact our world in this last race ! #yolocamp2020 #youthloveworld #weuz2 #yolochurch #CEFrance

Une expérience pas comme les autres. Yolo camp 2020, c’était un rendez-vous divin avec Dieu. Les jeunes français entendront parler de nous. Gloire à Dieu 🔥🙌🏻 #yolocamp2020 #youthloveworld #yolochurch #weuz2 #CEFrance

📢📢📢📢📢📢📢 🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶🎶 Loveworld Teens Ministry presents Teens In The Hood Evangelical Special(TITHES)🔥🔥. A Soul Winning Program for Teens/Youths in the Loveworld Nation. 🔹🔸🔹🔸🔹🔸 👉🏽 Scheduled from August - October 2020 👉🏽 1 Hour Every Sunday after Service. Winning our world, making impact! Kindly login to register and participate 👇👇👇: ** #teensinthehoodevangelicalspecial #tithes #ministrycenter/zone #lwteensministry

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🎉🎉🎉 Today we celebrate Specially Pastor Yemisi Olubobokun. Pastor(CE VILLEJUIF 2) We love and appreciate you so dearly... #weuz2 #weuz2birthdays

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Échos de Louanges ce samedi 20 juin 🎵🔥🔥 Tickets gratuits sur : #Echoesofpraise #Echoesofpraise2020 #lmamechoesofpraise

Il reste 4 jouuuuurs !! Échos de louange est là !! 🗣️🗣️ Gloryyyy!! #Echoesofpraise2020 #Echoesofpraise #lmamechoesofpraise

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#Echoesofpraise #Echoesofpraise2020 #Lmamechoesofpraise Dont miss this !!!

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Speaking to yourselves in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord;  #Echoesofpraise #Echoesofpraise2020 #lmamechoesofpraise Get free tickets here

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The joy of bro. Nelson & sis. Norosoa Limery, coordinators of CE Rennes 1 and CE Vitre respectively, knew no bound as they had their newly born baby Jahdiel Grace Limery dedicated to the Lord by the highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Kay. Indeed, great faith was displayed by them in the message and ministry of our great man of God, Pastor Chris as sis. Norosoa was released from hospital only yesterday and they came straight to church, 5 hours drive, for the first meeting with the Esteemed Secretary General and today being the 8th day of the birth of their bundle of joy, Jahdiel Grace was dedicated. Glory to the Lord.

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Next hands were laid on the Cell Leaders. Without a doubt France is too small to contain the Spirit-filled leaders that have been launched into it and a mighty harvest shall be the result of this impartation. Gloryyyyyy!!!!

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Turned into another man #EXPERIENCETOTALEFRANCE

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L’impact de la Parole et de la puissance de l’Esprit étaient au rendez-vous lors de #TOTALEXPERIENCEFRANCE en présence du Secrétaire Général Pasteur Kay A.

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L’Estimé Pastor Régional et Secrétaire Général de LOVEWORLD, Pastor Kay A. monte sur l’estrade pour commencer à rendre ministère à une congrégation captivée et remplie d’attentes. #EXPERIENCETOTALEFRANCE #WEUZ2

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Plus qu’une chorale, une vision ! #ExpérienceTotale avec Christian K 🔥🔥 #weuz2 #ExperienceTotaleFrance

#ExpérienceTotale - Une nouvelle saison à commencé pour la France ! 🇫🇷

With many infallible proofs showed our man of God, Pastor Kay that Jesus is who He said He is 1. Jesus' birth was foretold by God, Angel's & Prophets 2. Jesus' birth was a miracle 3. His Ministry was a miracle 4. His Message was unique 5. His Death and burial was a miracle 6. His Resurrection was a miracle 7. His Ascension was a miracle 8. His Second coming is going to be a miracle. And that His Name has power over sickness, devils and every name that is named. Glorrryyyyy!!! Mental illness, backpain, persistent headaches and so much more, all bowed at the Name of Jesus.

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Who is Jesus? Our Highly Esteemed Sec Gen. Enlightens us on the Supremacy of Jesus! Death, Burial and Resurrection. Gloryyyyyy #TOTALEXPERIENCEFRANCE #WEUZ2

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#TOTALEXPERIENCEFRANCE 🇫🇷 You are entitled to divine health. It can start today. Are you ready #WEUZ2

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Our LMAM star Christian K led us as we sang - Arise and Shine. What an awesome time of worship in the Holy Ghost #TOTALEXPERIENCEFRANCE #WEUZ2

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So many gave their lives to Christ today. As Sec. Gen. led the new converts through the salvation Prayer @ #TOTALEXPERIENCEFRANCE 🇫🇷 France has moved #WEUZ2

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