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...because its thanksgiving! And we looooove selfies😊

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Happy Birthday to our Father, Mentor and Life Coach, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. We love and appreciate you Sir. #GYLF #CelebratingOurHero #CelebratingOurFather

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Still celebrating our Father...

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Everyone needs someone who can cheer them on and believe in them! Thank you for believing in my gift even before The world knew it! Happy birthday Dad!

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Victorious,Triumphant, Supremely Blessed and Anointed. A Champion and a life giver.You're all that and much more. I salute a living Legend.

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Still rendering service in honour of our dad! Free breakfast snacks to the student&staff community @ uni! #blwintldayofservice #blwukarucam

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Celebrating our Most Excellent Father! Mouthpiece of the Holy Ghost, Full of Honour, Splendour and Grace. Happy Birthday Sir! We love you Dearly. ____________________________________ #BLWIntlUK Follow the BLW UK International Office SuperUser account on KingsChat.

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Thank you for making the Word come alive in my heart & showing me how to be an ambassador for the Lord. I love love LOVE you Sir #dec7 ❤️❤️

Celebrating the best father! I love you endlessly. ❤❤

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Father of fathers! I was raised by those who follow you, and now I follow you myself, most passionately and whole-heartedly #dec7 #offer7 ❤️


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Celebrating our Man of God right now! Glory!

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Thank you Pastor for teaching me to fly! I love you & will continue to say thank you with ever increasing results.

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CELEBRATING THE LEGEND! REV. (DR.) CHRIS OYAKHILOME When many all around the world desperately cried out for a saviour, Dear Sir, God sent you! In you, we celebrate a living legend, with a strong passion to see this gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ reach the uttermost ends of the earth. Your ways are those of a Hero, most revered and legendary. From the depth of our hearts, we say... Happy birthday Sir! We love & appreciate you dearly!

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Definition of "COOL" (Online Urban Dictionary) 1. Awesome 2. Popular; like in a social hierarchy 3. Nice 4. Good or Great e.g. 1. That man, Pastor Chris, is really cool. 2. Pastor Chris gives brand new cars to his staff; he's really cool. 3. A. Pastor Chris was very cool at IPPC 2016 Exhibition. 3. b. That Pastor Chris' smile looks cool. 4. My Pastor is cool. 5. After the discussion, Pastor Chris asked Rev. Tom, "We cool?", and Rev. replied, "Ya, we cool." #december7 #dec7loading See a pictorial example below:

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Meaning of Suave (adjective) Charming, Confident and Debonair (especially of a man) Synonyms: Sophisticated, Urbane, Polished, Refined, Poised, Dignified, Gentlemanly, Civilised, Civil, Courteous, Polite, Well mannered, Tactful, Diplomatic, Mannerly #dec7loading #december7 Best exemplified by the picture below:

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Celebrating the realist! #pjorocks

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Celebrating an amazing MOG🎉 Happy Birthday Sir 🎉 #PJOROCKS

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Thank you sir for the endless opportunities given to me to serve especially in this year of spreading. I am grateful. I love you💙 #pjorocks

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This spirit man is awesome beyond words! Happy Birthday Sir! I love uuuu!!! #pjorocks

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