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Sunday Service Highlights with Reverend Tom The limitation of man is to the extent of his perception of himself. The way you see things is all based on your mindset; the information that you have received. Teaching is the cure for unbelief. Knowledge is vital. Man was made to function like God. We were made with creativity in us. Your life is either run by opinions, facts or the truth. The opinions of men and so called 'facts of life' tend to militate against the truth of God's Word. Truth transcends facts; it doesn't deny facts, it changes them. The flesh seeks to dominate you so that you would function as an ordinary man. Your language and attitudes are either the result of opinions, facts or truth, depending on which you yield and respond to. 1PETER 2:2 Relate with everything based on what God's Word has said. Don't set His Word aside and rely on the opinions of others. Base your life on the Word of God, because it is truth. Your Christianity has not started until the Word of God begins to regulate your opinions, choices and decisions. ROMANS 12:2 Why would you say 'I can't'? It is your perception of yourself. Once you came into Christ, you became a new creature. Old things are passed away. You don't have any business with sickness or lack. You've got the life of God in you. You are not just a follower or disciple of Christ. He is living His life in you. Paul learned how to be independent of circumstances. That's why he said 'I can do ALL THINGS through Christ which strengthens me'. The Holy Spirit was given to us to teach us and help us. I have divine comprehensive immunity against sickness. I have no provision for medical doctors or medicine in my thinking. If ever you get exposed to any negative information, wash your spirit and your mind with the Word of God and by speaking in tongues. Never let fear in. Through fear you expose your life to negative circumstances. #ceabujazone

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Picture speaks Thanksgiving Day 2 #cedurumi

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Hurray my baby is 4. Happy birthday baby ZoƩ, you're a light to your world, we love you, keep shining!

#Midyear Thanksgiving

Merry Christmas to you. I am the reason for the season

I have released my anchor, though the tide is rough and tough, l have set my sail and my ship is powered by the word of God. Selah!


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