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Happy Birthday Pastor Lawrence. Congratulations on the new level of Grace and Accomplishments. Enjoy!!

Happy Birthday Pastor. I love you dearly and declare that this is the best year yet for you. Thank you sir for saying yes to the call of God in your life. It is obviously a greater year with greater blessings. Happy Birthday sir.

Happy Birthday! Pastor Bernard..Thank you for your commitment and consistency in ministry, you are a gift to the body of Christ, the ministry and ceph zone 1. You are Graced for such a time as this, more grace, more impact this year by the Holy Ghost Enjoy every bit of it.

Happy Birthday to the wife of my youth. Thank you for your commitment to the gospel of Jesus Christ through the years. This year for you is an EXCELLENT one full of His Glory, Grace, Splendour and Magnificence. Happy Birthday!! Everyone join me to celebrate EXCEPTIONALISM!!

Happy Glorious Birthday to Sandra William Carew, My beloved Wife & Friend. There is so much of God's Grace Available to you this year, thank you for your love and commitment to the gospel of our Lord Jesus. You are indeed Blessed amongst women. Enjoy it again & Again. I love U!

IPPC 2019

Happy Wedding Anniversary sister Bright. Congratulations on the new grace in your marriage, I celebrate with you and declare that the glory of this latter house surpasses the former. Enjoy!

You are the object of God's love and he is looking for every opportunity to increase you. Be wise! Get ready! #SAGC2019 #CEPHZONE1

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Money angels on a special errand to a people's address. Where would you rather be on the 2nd to 6th? Clear your schedule so you don't miss this special visitation, be wise! #SAGC2019 #CEPHZONE1

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Just in case you didn't know, its 5 days to the SUPER ABUNDANT GRACE CONFERENCE WITH ESTEEMED PASTOR AMAECHI. This is not another meeting, but it is THE MEETING to launch you into the last phase of the Year of Lights. Glory to God! #cephzone1 #SAGC2019

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Heads up! Its 4 days to Super Abundant Grace Conference 2019!!! How ready are you to receive from these great Ministers of the Gospel whose records are in Heaven's Hall of Faith? BE WISE! #SAGC2019 #CEPHZONE1

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ANTICIPATE ESTEEMED PASTOR JOY AMENKHIENAN, THE MONEY FARMER! "I have grace for money. Money locates me morning, at night... " ~Esteemed Pastor Joy Amenkhienan #SAGC2019 #CEPHZONE1

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ANTICIPATE YOUR ONE AND ONLY, PHENOMENAL PASTOR WITH OZUGBOZUGBO GRACE! 👉 "You can do something about that situation... Cos the Holy Spirit lives in you! " #sagc2019 #cephzone1

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Happening Now!! #RevTom

Happy Birthday Pastor Janet Ma. Glorious things are spoken of you, you are indeed a blessing to the world, thank you for all you do for the gospel of Jeaua Christ. It's a great year for you full of the manifestation of increased grace. Enjoy!!

Happening Now!! Celebrating the Phnom captain. #peeay731 #phenomcaptain

Celebrating Grace! Happy Birthday Sir. Grace! Grace! Grace! #peeay731 #phenomcaptain

Happy birthday Sister Festa. Congratulations on this glorious year you have stepped into. It is Grace for Grace for you this year, great and mighty is His kindness in your life, get ready to be celebrated beyond imagination. Enjoy!!

Happy Birthday Pastor Strongs. Congratulations on your new level, you are indeed a city set on a heel that can not be hid. Keep on shining!!! Enjoy!!

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