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Happy Birthday Brother Chizube ChidaDamic you are blessed you will never luck, you will bring many to the kingdom of God, keep shining enjoy your day,

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As for me and my house, my brethren and all who are connected to me, we are blessed in all things. We have been empowered to prosper in all that we do. The Lord is ordering our steps to be at right place at right time, meeting the right people!

This is it... #lmamcanada #cegta #Cetoronto #cemontreal #ceedmonton #ceottawa

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I walk in the part of greatness according to God's internal purpose. I will never go extinct. My time.of giving, evangelism, prayer shall be multiplied.Thank you pastor jide for sharing. You said when we understand purpose we can pay any price. God speaks to the man that cares.

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Happy Birthday Brother Michael enjoy your day as you spring faward #CEScarborough

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HBD Pst Mike, it's another glorious year to celebrate and appreciate your uniqueness in our Loveworld nation. A man full of love, committed and dedicated to the vision. You are very unique, full of love and passion for the things of God. I love and appreciate you dearly #cecanada

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Celebrating an amazing personality - Pastor Mike of the Most High God! The love you show and the humility you demonstrate is evident of your love for God. You are passionate, sincere & ever gracious. It’s a new year of endless possibilities! I love you & your precious family BIG💖

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Grace is divine influence on my heart, that is then reflected in my life! I live the life of grace! Unstoppable & fully deserved grace!🌺 It takes grace to do ministry! Glory! #pastortabapeña #rechargewednesday #pastorchrisstudent #monthofministry

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"I therefore so run, not as uncertainly; so fight I, not as one that beateth the air: But I keep under my body, and bring it into subjection: lest that by any means, when I have preached to others, I myself should be a castaway." 1 Corinthians 9:26‭-‬27 KJV ° 'I FULFIL MY PURPOSE WITHOUT REPROACH!' Say it again and again...at least 1,000 times today. God bless you. ° #SayIt1000TimesADayChallenge #MyAffirmationMyExperience #TheHavenNation #TheHavenMillennials #THMN #GodsAnswerToTheNeedForTrueLeaders #MonthOfMinistry #HowICarryOutMinistry #IAmInOffice

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Happy birthday Sis Eunice! You are such a blessing to me and to everyone around you. Ever dependable and loyal! The Lord is doing a new thing in your life and it’s marvelous in our eyes. Men and women of excellence are coming to your rising. God bless you richly!

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A man becomes what he hears and who he is following bless be God for giving me a gift in Pastor TT Edun to follow and listen to and that's why I am excited about 26th of October when my Man of God was born #CelebratingOurDivineAccess #LuminaryPtt #Ptt2610

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Few more days to go,HOMECOMING SERVICE!see you there ! #Eachonemattershomecoming #MOnthofMinistry #CeDonvalley#TheLightHouse #CeCanada

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YOUR LOVEWORLD WITH PASTOR CHRIS WAS BEYOND AWESOME WOW!!! TOWARDS MATURITY WHAT A BLESSING! THE WORLD NEEDS THIS SO SERIOUSLY. DEEP TRUTHS TO HELP US LIVE A PURPOSEFUL MONTH OF MINISTRY LISTEN TO THE 7 PROFOUND POINTS AGAIN AND AGAIN Watch out for a rebroadcast on Loveworld usa @ 4pm PACIFIC & 7pm Eastern Time Also watch out on all Loveworld networks tomorrow. 10am GMT+1 & 8:30pm GMT+1 - LW plus / LW TV Uk 11am GMT+2 & 9:30pm GMT+2 - LWSat On LWUSA / Direct TV 5am Eastern, 3:30pm Eastern & 8:00pm Eastern 2am Pacific, 12:30pm Pacific & 5pm Pacific AND WATCH OUT FOR ANOTHER LIVE BROADCAST ON FRIDAY 11TH OCTOBER SAME TIME ACROSS ALL LOVEWORLD NETWORKS

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I live as the seed of Abraham that I am, I do not doubt the promises of God over my life. I live in abundance of blessings, favour, grace, wealth, prosperity and divine health. I have a sound mind and an excellent spirit. All that concerns me is perfected. #FBAFG #CEScaborough

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Hallelujah,as we in Scarborough group separate ourselves and minister to the Lord in Prayer and Fasting, in this Month of October, we are being shifted to greater height of glory in 2020. #FBAF #RevKen #CEScarboroughgroup #CECanada

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Thanks Boys. We have been on this journey for a while. We are stronger now than when we started. Your exemplary strength and resilience in face of it all has been my joy. You guys truly bring out the best in me. Not sure I could have better companions. I truly love you both.

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"Don't set your mind on failure or on those who are trying to make trouble with you. Don't set your mind on their negative, hurtful, or hateful words. You're born of God, and you have His nature. You've been created in His image, so think and act like Him." - TPOYM #LIFTCHALLENGE

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