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Ready to.make tremendous power available to change the world! #praywithpastorChrisLive #pclprayathon2020 #Iamapriestinoffice #celz1prays #celz1rocks #celcc6group #celcc6 #churchofchampions

Thank you for giving yourself totally to the Lord to be used in other people's life in such an extraordinary way! The Lord has made you a blessing and a blessing you shall always be! Of the increase of your prosperity and greatness, there shall be no end. We love you dearly. ❤🤗

A special HBD to a wonderful Man of God; a very distinguished personality a great man of valour, an exemplary helper and a son of consolation. A man with treasured heart! Today, we celebrate the abundance of God's glory, grace and blessings upon ur life.

Happy Birthday Pastor! Oh how I love you. Thank you so much sir for changing the course of my life over 24 years when I came across your Ministry. It's been from glory to glory for me and my family. Thank you sir for showing us the path of righteousness. U are a gift to d world!

HBD to a dearly beloved brother in whom the Lord is well pleased. The Lord has made you a delightsomeland and there is no end to your joy and prosperity. Keep the light burning. I ❤u bro!

A special HBD shout out to the gospel rock beauty, Dutchess Kel! Never a dull moment. Thank u for your passion and zeal toward the work of the Father and commitment to the growth of CE LCC6. Your are a star and ur light shines everywhere. Keep rocking till Christ comes. I ❤💕u

A special HBD wishes to our very highly esteemed Sec-Gen, Esteemed Pastor Kay Sir. Thank you sir dor all the wow effects you bring into Ministry. You are a rare gem and we love and celebrate specially sir. May the Grace of God continue to abound towards you sir. I love u dearly.

Happy birthday sweetie. At 20 you ROCK girl! 👜🥿👠👚🕶And you make our world, la la la🎵🎶🎼🎸. We give thanks to God for all He has done. Your future is bright and secured! We love you 💕❤😘😘🤗

Highlights of EXTREME PRAISE Service.. And the brethren praised the name of God #extremepraise #celcc6 #churchofchampions #celagoszone1rocks


In the Atmosphere of Praise, God inhibits the praises of his people! We praised @Extremepraise with Testimony Jaga..


Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 1 RON Concert - the right place to be at this hour! #celz1ronconcert #celz1rocks #Zone1RON2019 #Lcc6groupchurch #lcc6churchofchampions

Happy Teachers' Day to best Teacher, Coach and Mentor in the whole world! We love you Pastor. #celz1rocks #meetmyteacher #celz1ronconcert #lcc6churchofchampions #celcc6

Celebrating this beautiful gift in style @CELZ1 RON Concert. Happy birthday Sis Elesie, Amalichanma! Oh how I love you. Thank you for your unflinching love and commitment towards the work of the Ministry. #celz1ronconcert #Zone1RON2019 #Lcc6groupchurch #lcc6churchofchampions

Happening live from CE Lagos Zone 1 RON Concert...The church of champions, CE LCC6 representing well! So beautiful!!! 😁👍#celz1rocks #celz1ronconcert #Zone1RON2019 #Lcc6groupchurch #lcc6churchofchampions

ITS HAPPENING ALREADY...Live @ Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 1 RON Concert. Absolutely brilliant and beautiful! #celz1ronconcert #Zone1RON2019 #Lcc6groupchurch #lcc6churchofchampions #celz1rocks

Hi everyone! I AM HERE LIVE! Nothing like it. #celz1rocks #celz1ronconcert #Zone1RON2019 #Lcc6groupchurch #lcc6churchofchampions

Breaking News. We are here live at the All Seasons Plaza and all things are ready for the RON Concert. See you there. #celz1rocks #celz1ronconcert

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Today, I join the host of heaven to celebrate The Best Teacher in the World - our Most Excellent MOG, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. Pastor Sir, today we salute you, we salute your tenacity towards the Gospel Sir. #celzirocks #meetmyteacher #celz1ronvoncert #lcc6churchofchampions

I AM READY! SEE YOU ALL TOMORROW! #celz1ronconcert #Zone1RON2019 #Lcc6groupchurch #lcc6churchofchampions

We are set! No other place to be, Sat, October 5th, by 12noon, LIVE STREAMING on Ceflix and Loveworld Radio! #celz1rocks                             #celz1ronconcert                       #Zone1RON2019                  #LCC6groupchurch                 #LCC6churchofchampions


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