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Please follow this link http://m.me/TheWordatWork

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CE WARRI ZONE'S ALL PRAISE & CAROL CONCERT#APCC2016 AWARD NOMINEES (SENIOR CATEGORY) Vote now for the artiste of your choice! 1. Follow CE Warri SuperUser account on Kingschat. 2. Like and Share this post, then vote by placing a comment with the #tag of your favourite artiste. 3.Multiple voting by making several comments on this article disqualifies your vote! However you may post on your KingsChat Timeline and hashtag the your candidate and #cewarrizone (eg. #chisong or #rozey #sammie #kassing and #cewarrizone) #APCC2016 #CEWarriZone

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Messenger Angel Reaches National Youth Corps Service Members Courtesy of Acumen Cell, CE Church 7! 18 Souls were saved and 62 Members of The National Youth Service Corps Received free copies of our Messenger Angel, Rhapsody of Realities courtesy of the passionate members of Acumen Cell, in CE Church 7. Mr Frank Okoro the Zonal Inspector (official in charge of Corps members in Ughelli) was hughly inspired by the visit and commended the Acumen Cell missionary team from Christ Embassy Church 7 for bringing the glad tidings of the gospel to their location #CEWarriZone

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2 Days To Go! SUNDAY SPECIAL with Pastor Siji Dara! Counting up to CE Church 1B's 'SUNDAY SPECIAL' with our esteemed Zonal Director, coming up on Sunday 25th September by 10:00am prompt! As we look forward to this timely and much-anticipated program, We cannot but anticipate the glory, the miracles and the many that will receive salvation and be transcendentally blessed on Sunday 25th September at the CE Church 1 auditorium. NOW is the time to write out your expectations and pray fervently concerning them. Don't come alone, go out, reach out, invite MANY and compel them to be present for a time of their lives! #CEWarriZone

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Uncommon miracles where abundance springs up from nothing, is mine. #cewarrizone #cechurch2

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The time for those earth-shaken ideas is now. #cewarrizone #cechurch2

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No condemnation... I live a fulfilled life in Christ... Glory #cewarrizone #cechurch2 #heritagepcf

Life is at work in me cos I'm a child of God. #cewarrizone #cechurch2

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#nightofblissbeninzone3 #NOBbeninzone3PRAYERRALLY

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Ahh...Paator talk dis one ohh...The phone you use determines your spiritual growth. PSD #cewarrizone #zmccwarrizone #church4 #kingin

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We are live @cewarrizonezmccwithpsd #cewarrizoneteensministry #cewarrizone #zmcc2016

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The cyber world must feel our impact, we must bombard our social space. #zmccwarrizone #zmccwarrizone

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"Christian Activism via Strategic Digi- Evangelism, Exploring the Limitless Possibilities for Global Impact with the Gospel" **Snippets from the Super Session with our Esteemed Zonal Director at the Zonal Media Connectors' Conference * First of all, the word virtual doesn't refer to unreal, non existing. It refers more to incongruous than non-existing. A virtual world is a world that is real but the people are not gathered together somewhere. * Digi-evangelism refers to digital evangelism. Understand these 2 things; 1. There is a vision behind it, we're going somewhere 2. The world has changed! There are limitless opportunities available through the internet that we have to explore. The Holy Ghost told our Man of God as far back as 1992 that the internet is bigger than television. *Apologetics is a systematic argumentative discourse in defence of the gospel. *Activism is a doctrine or practice that promotes vigorous action or confrontation. We are activists by message, by nature and by calling. As a leader, what should your lifestyle be like? There's something that you're proposing, advocating, protesting that the Gospel may spread everywhere! * Paul was an activist. Moses also was an activist! We are not apologetics, we are rugged for the Gospel, we are Christian activists. * Our Ministry apps are avenues for inspiration. They are also avenues also for spiritual growth. KingsChat for instance is an avenue where you can see what's going on in other locations and be challenged. * The phone you use determines your spiritual growth! From one location, you can reach the world! More exclusive updates yet to come, only on this SuperUser! #ZmccWarriZone #CeWarriZone

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Dear Pst Sola. Exceptional, Holy Ghost filled worker. Thank you for your commitment to our man of God and to our nation. Solabration rocks.

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You are able. Nothing you can not turn around. You're able, Jesus..... Happy birthday to a gospel activist, Ada. Enjoy. .. I love you

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I'm a digital activist, socially active. #cewarrizone #cechurch2 #heritagepcf #Zmccwarrizone

We are global champion.. #cewarrizone #cechurch2 #heritagepcf #Zmccwarrizone

So much ground to cover. #cewarrizone #cechurch2 #heritagepcf #Zmccwarrizone

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