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Brother Paul's LGGC 2021 Testimony "My name is Paul Mashiri fron CESA Zone 5. I have a testimony from participating in the LGGC 2021. I would like to first thank our dear man of God Pastor Chris for enriching us with the word and also our Zonal Pastor, Pastor Ruth Musarurwa, for the investment of her personality in us. I also want to thank Pastor Doyin Dennis for taking the LGN initiative and investing his personality in us. On Friday 10th of September in the morning, the day that the the LGGC started, I felt a shoulder pain by the joint and rotator cuff on the right hand side. And as usual I confessed that I walk in divine health and I took advantage of stubborn faith by using the hand despite the pain by the shoulder area. Saturday - I kept feeling the pain, but on arriving at Belvedere Church which was our viewing centre, I consciously ignored the pain and participated in everything that was instructed for us to do. If we were instructed to lift up our hands, I'd lift both hands up and I would keep them up as long as I was supposed. By the time the service ended I realised that the pain had completely disappeared. Praise God!" #cesazone5 #zimbabwe #lggc2021

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7 INSPIRATIONS FOR SUCCESS   No one can teach you to be a success like a Success. Drawing from his Spirit-led experience in this journey of life, Pastor Chris poured into us the 7 inspirations for success. Firstly, he stated that knowing God’s purpose for your life and fulfilling it God’s way is what makes you a success. He further explained that keeping the inspiration of the Word, the Holy Spirit, Christ’s example, His life in me, His instructions, results and His soon return is a sure way to be a success for God and win the race.   Certainly, we know that we have won! ©Angella Nantaba #100WordSeries #TeamHikanotes #WritingThisGospel #LGNScribes #LGNrules ------- Like, Comment, Share. ------- Interested in writing? Join LGN Scribes www.lwgraduatenetwork.com/scribes

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Thank you Pastor You poured yourself into us, you shaped our lives and our future with God's Word by the Spirit. We are set on the course that we must follow. I am forever inspired for unending Success! I love you Sir #celz1rocks #lgnrules #lgneffect #globalconnectwithpastorchris

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For always revealing God's mind to us and shedding light on what's relevance for the now. We are grateful! #LGGC #LGGlobalConnect #GlobalConnectwithPastorChris #LGNEffect #LGNRules #lgnscribes

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Our dear man of God,we thank you for the impartation,transportation and transformation, now more than ever we have clarity of purpose,vision,mission and ministry as the Loveworld graduates. #LGGC2021 #LGGlobalConnect #GlobalConnectwithPastorChris #LGNEffect #CeAccraGhanaZone

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With words we are created With words we are elavated With words we are built Thank you so much Dear Esteemed Pastor Sir for the word given at the LGGC, words so powerful to transform, we indeed were set forth for greatness. #LGGC2021 #LGGCwithPastorChris #LGNSCRIBES #LGNRULES

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I'm so thankful for an extraordinary time of fellowship with the Spirit and with the Word. It was a whole system upgrade for me and I'm beyond grateful. Thank you so much Pastor Sir. I love you Sir. #LGGCGlobalConnect #LGGC2021 #LGGCWithPastorChris #LGGCEffect #LGNScribes

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I'm so thankful for an extraordinary time of fellowship with the Spirit and with the Word. It was a whole system upgrade for me and I'm beyond grateful. Thank you so much Pastor Sir. I love you Sir. #LGGCGlobalConnect #LGGC2021 #LGGCWithPastorChris #LGGCEffect #LGNScribes

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Sir, My cup of gratitude overflows I am overcome by strength I am afire I am reloaded I am inspired unto victory. I love you Pastor Sir. #LGGCGlobalConnect #LGGCwithPastorChris #LGGC2021 #LGNEffect #LGNScribes

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I say ‘Thank You’ In this 50 Languages dankie FALEMINDERIT shukran Շնորհակալություն / CHNORAKALOUTIOUN hvala благодаря / BLAGODARIA gràcies M̀H’GŌI děkuji XIEXIE(shye-shye) hvala TAK dank u TÄNAN kiitos MERCI danke EFHARISTO mahalo .תודה/todah dhanyavād/shukriya KÖSZÖNÖM(KØ-sø-nøm) takk(tahk) TERIMA KASIH grazie ARIGATO Kamsahamnida PALDIES(PUHL-dyehs) CHOUKRANE AČIŪ(AH-choo) terima kasih(TREE-muh KAH-seh) GRAZZI(GRUTS-ee) Баярлалаа(bayarlalaa) TAKK (tahk) dziękuję(JENKOO-YEN) OBRIGADO(oh-bree-GAH-dooh) mulţumesc(mool-tzoo-MESK) SPASIBA(spuh-SEE-buh) xвала / hvala(HVAH-lah) ĎAKUJEM(JAH-koo-yehm) hvala(HVAA-lah) GRACIAS tack SALAMAT(sa-LAH-mat) kop khun(cap-coohn) TEŞEKKÜR EDERIM(teh shek uer eh der eem) Дякую(DYAH-koo-yoo) DIOLCH a dank NGIYABONGA #LGGCGlobalConnect #LGGC2021 #LGGCWithPastorChris #LGNEffect #LGNScribes #TeamRhema #thegreat28activities #thegreat28

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A million thanks would not be enough Pastor Sir. You are a gift to us and every time you share of your gift, it's always a blessing as such I can't thank you enough. I love dearly sir. I will never forget #LGGC2021 I felt the love of Jesus, I was changed, renewed and refreshed.

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We've got further inspiration! *7 INSPIRATIONS FOR SUCCESS* 1)Inspiration Of The Word 2)Inspiration Of The Holy Spirit 3)Inspiration Of Christ's Example 4)Inspiration Of His Life In Me 5)Inspiration Of His Instruction 6)Inspiration Of The Results 7)Inspiration Of His Return #LGCC

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Am eternally grateful to God for the rare privilege and opportunity to hear and receive Words from my Man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome 💕😍 All that matters is what God wants. What God thinks. These Words and more echo in my Spirit, inspirations of great success #LGGC2020 #LGN


Changed forever! Thank you Pastor Sir. #GlobalConnectwithPastorChris #LGNEffect #USAR1Z1 🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸

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What a time, what a blessing, thank you Lord, for inspiring us through Your Word and through our dear Man of God! I’m inspired unto achievements! #LGGC2021 #LGNEFFECT #GLOBALCONNECT

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What an honor, My life has been changed forever!!Thank you so much Pastor Sir! #GlobalConnectwithPastorChris #LGGC2021 #LoveworldGraduateNetwork

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Glory !! What a glorious time of blessing and upgrade by God's Word through our dear Man of God! I’m inspired unto greater achievement and exploits !! Glory to God!!! Thank you Pastor Sir 🙏 ... I Love you #LGGC2021 #LGNEFFECT #GLOBALCONNECT

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Words are not enough for us to say thank you Sir for your love and kindness to the LGN! Thank you so much Sir for taking time to bless us your children at the just concluded Global Connect. We love you Sir ❤️❤️🔥 #GlobalConnect2021 #LGGC2021 #GlobalConnectwithPastorChris #LGNEffect

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WORD-BASED SONGS Sing When you sing Listen To the words Sing Songs founded On truth Of God's Word Songs Consistent With truth Christ's Gospel Found Poetry culled from Rhapsody 13/09/21 ©️ Angella Nantaba #GospelinPoetry #TeamHikanotes #WritingThisGospel #LGNScribes #LGNrules ------- Like, Comment, Share. ------- Interested in writing? Join LGN Scribes www.lwgraduatenetwork.com/scribes

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𝗧𝗛𝗜𝗦 𝗠𝗢𝗡𝗧𝗛 𝗜𝗡 𝗛𝗜𝗦𝗧𝗢𝗥𝗬- 𝗧𝗿𝘂𝘁𝗵 𝗢𝗻 𝗧𝗿𝗶𝗮𝗹. “And now I say unto you, Refrain from these men, and let them alone: for if this counsel or this work be of men, it will come to nought: But if it be of God, ye cannot overthrow it; lest haply ye be found even to fight against God” Acts 5:38-39 At this time 20 years ago, the deep church bared it’s fangs; they got on our matter! For months on end, the news media in all forms was agog with accusations and malicious falsehoods against our Man of God. We watched as some of those we saw as the greats of faith peddled falsehoods, questioned the veracity of the miracles and the crowds, and vowed to end the Ministry of the Man of God by the time they were done. They said he performed miracles by some eccentric “finger of God”... They said he was initiated into some cult... They said he was of the “shamans”... They said the miracles were staged... They said the crowd images were doctored... They said his doctrine was false... They told parents to withdraw their children from Christ Embassy Churches & BLW fellowships... They hoped to sow doubt in our minds but we didn’t need the media to tell us who our father is. The weak amongst us fell and left (ostensibly because they were not of us)... It was a time of de-weeding... On the Campuses it was a war; a major conflagration! as the children of the modern Pharisees took a cue from their fathers, firing their cannons and spewing their malicious venom, attempting to frustrate our work with negative publicity and overbearing influence on the authorities. They called Papa a fraud... They said he was a money launderer... They contrived to suspend him from a body he never belonged to... Some went as far as conspiring for a take down... Truth was on trial! We prayed like never before! Seeds were flying recklessly; we sowed like never known! Then came the Night the City of Aba stood still- the Aba Miracle Crusade. The disciples of these modern day Pharisees showed up. We were publicizing and they were publicizing too. But GOD!! But GOD put their work to nought! It was such a statement that silenced the devil for a short season till he was dealt a fatal blow the next year at NOB SPECIAL, Lagos. Time some say, is the proof of Wisdom. Time has come and gone and in all, look where we are today. God honored the Man of God; God amplified his voice.. God gave him influence beyond compare.. God increased his greatness.. God gave him Sons from every corner of the globe so vast like unto the host of the Lord.. God multiplied him into many more Pastor Chrises.. He giveth more grace to the humble. I look for those men today & I don’t see them. Their voices so reduced. God left them where they were. He didn’t take away anything from them. This magnificent house the Man of God built is not a pack of cards! The troops he commands are no lilly livered sissies but a division of well cooked, battle hardened militants! Onward March! Victoria! Victoria! Victoria Siempre! #PastorChris #LoveWorldnation #truthontrial #LWexceptionalism #LWexpansionism #war #protagonist #ministry #prayer #LWhistory #Lgnscribes #weRatwar #KingschatRecommends

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