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I appreciate you Sir, you are an inspiration. Your coming to Abuja has elevated me greatly in ministry. Happy Birthday Most Excellent Rev Tom. @R815

2019 foundation school graduation.

It was glorious foundation school graduation at Christ embassy ministry centre Abuja. #MCA #foundationschoolgraduation2019.

THE FIESTA OF LIGHTS MEGA BOOK FAIR AND EXHIBITION COMMENCES IN THE HEART OF THE NATION’S CAPITAL, AS  CHRIST EMBASSY ABUJA MINISTRY CENTRE, TAKES THE FIESTA OF LIGHTS TO ANOTHER NEW LEVEL IN ABUJA, BEAMING – THE LIGHT OF GOD’S WORD!!!  In celebration and honor of the World’s No.1 Author, Christ Embassy Abuja orchestrated a gathering of the mighty to witness the one-of-its-kind exhibition, showcasing the extensive range of books and audio visuals by our dear Man of God, Rev (Dr) Chris Oyakhilome.  In a colourful opening ceremony, the Director of the Abuja Ministry Centre, Highly esteemed Rev Tom Amenkhienan emphasized the efficacy of the materials and the transformational power contained in them. Present at the opening ceremony, representing the Director of the LoveWorld Publishing Ministry was the LoveWorld Publishing Ministry Regional Head of Sales, Deaconess Oluchi Ikeokwu. Also present at the opening ceremony of this auspicious event were: Senator Phillip Aduda, Senator Representing FCT Abuja; Hon. Deacon Sergius Oguns, Honourable Member of the House of Representatives, Representing Esan North-West Constituency; Hon. Omoregie Ogbeide-Ihama, Honourable Member of the House of Representatives, representing Oredo Constituency; Major General John Gbor, APGA Presidential Candidate at the 2019 elections. Participants at the exhibition were full of words of praise and appreciation to our Man of God for blessing the world with timeless classics. Also present to participate in the exhibition were media Houses; Silverbird TV, ITV amidst other radio stations. Truly the Church of the Lord is marching on and the gates of hell cannot prevail against it. #fiestaoflights  

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Happy Birthday my chief pastor Archie and Pastor ngy, I love you dearly.

Happy Birthday my chief pastor Archie and Pastor Ngy Aseme, you raised me in ministry and taught me the ways of God in a unique way. Thank you so much my pastors, for your labour of love. I love you dearly. @pstarchieaseme @OSHA2016

💃💃💃THE DANCE CHALLENGE IS ON !!!as we count up to the birthday of our dear Father and Man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc D.D. Glory!!! Wondering what it is all about?…SIMPLY and EXCITEDLY dance 😄💃👍and challenge 10 people to dance…It is a 10 in 1 challenge! The links to the birthday editions of the dance challenge songs are below: - Ur Flames. Something to shout about - Testimony Jaga. Gone for life - Eben.  SHARE THIS CHALLENGE WITH @LEAST 10 OTHERS AND POST YOUR DANCE VIDEOS the thrilling delight of our beloved Man of God!!!☺ Let's celebrate 🎉🎊💃🕺 #dec7 #dancechallenge0712 #yourzone

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The place to be. #RevTominKaru #Totalexperiencekaru

Fresh move of the spirit in the FCT. #revtominkaru #Totalexperiencekaru

Thank you Most Rev Tom, Sir, for giving me instructions by the word, I will show you the testimonies of this instructions Sir. It was a glorious mid week service today. @R815 #instructions

You’re an oasis of knowledge, and a fountain of solutions in a dark, needy, and ignorant world because the best teacher, in the person of the Holy Spirit lives in you and He teaches you all things and causes you to function in the full and exact knowledge of God. Hallelujah!

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Happy Birthday most Excellent Rev Tom. You are full of grace and truth. #R815 #inspiredbyrevtom

#R815 #CelebratingRevTom #InspirebyRevTom

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Congratulations to our new virtual zonal pastor, Pastor Dipo Fisho, I love you sir.

TWO 2019 NIGERIAN PRESIDENTIAL HOPEFULS, CIVIL SOCIETY ACTIVISTS AND ACADEMICIANS JOIN THE CONVERSATION AS CE ABUJA HOSTS DEMOCRACY DAY PUBLIC LECTURE In a most insightful Public Lecture themed, 'Awakening the Giant - A Collective Responsibility', Christ Embassy Abuja provoked and inspired patriotic and progressive discourse for the good of Nigeria. The Public Lecture which has been severally televised by diverse national and international news media featured abundant cogitations on the forward path for this great country, Nigeria, a giant needing awakening. In a stirring address on the role of the church in nation building, our highly esteemed Regional Pastor, Reverend Tom, saluted and extolled the vision and inspiration of our man of God, Pastor Chris in sparking a movement for change from inside out across Nigeria for over a decade, chronicling the impact of the National Youth Conferences, the ReachOut Nigeria Campaign, the Future Africa Leaders' Foundation, and much more. Keynote addresses and a panel discussion featuring discussants drawn from diverse backgrounds brought into focus the urgent need for every Nigerian to hold him/herself responsible for the future of Nigeria. With two popular 2019 Presidential Aspirants on the panel, the discourse was often heated, with divergent views being put forth with gusto, but all in an atmosphere of patriotic passion for a greater Nigeria. Watch the video highlight for a glimpse of the historic event, and catch the news reports on our LoveWorld Stations. Watch this space for more highlights of the Lecture. #ceabujazone

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Happy Birthday, pastor Sir. I love you.

I will be speaking at Yale University at the Yale Conference for African Peace and Development holding from 13th -14th April.

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Check out @stalyf’s Tweet:

Sunday Service with our Regional Pastor, Most Rev Tom - 25th March 2018 Highlights of the awesome message: It's our month of Dominion! The Lord didn't tell us that because we're just coming into dominion. The Word for each month doesn't necessarily represent things that are just coming into our lives. Many times it is a reminder from the Spirit of God, telling us of who we are and what He has made us, so that we can act upon it and take advantage of it. It pays to know the Holy Spirit, He talks to you, He guides you. It doesn't matter what people say; if you're looking to men to affirm you, you'll have many unhappy days. Look only to the Word of God; see what He calls you. Every contrary voice is a lie. The loudest voice in your heart, mind and spirit should be the voice of the Spirit of God, which is His Word. Jesus had his disciples, the Bible says he taught them the Word of God and sent them out many times to go and preach. He sent them with words. Having seen the evidence  that the Spirit of God was with Him and in Him, they went with this confidence. MARK 3:15-16 - Appointed and empowered Jesus, didn't give them aprons or oil, He sent them with the Word.  The devil and his demons are subject to you. MARK 16:15-16 This authority/mandate has been Has given to every Christian. Learn to excercise your  authority in the name of Jesus. Excercise Dominion! LUKE 10:19 Once you given the word to cast out the devil, it's gone; it can't stay. Don't be unbelieving when you excercise your authority over demons; don't wait to see if it works. Devils like to show off, they don't like to be ignored. Cast them out and act like they're gone, because they are! You have authority and you can cast out devils; in your home, society or wherever, you have authority. When things are not the way they are supposed to be, bring in order and control, excercise your Dominion.  Cast out devils in your place of prayer and take control of unwanted situations. The Word of God casts out devils; listen to the message in your house, use Rhasody in your home and keep the devil out! JOHN 20:21-23 Jesus gave us authority to remit sin. 1PETER 2:9 We are a royal priesthood - 'kinging priests'!!! Balam couldn't curse Israel, because they are a blessed nation.  The new creation has a better standing in Christ than the natural Jew.  #ceabujazone #monthofdominion

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