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TODAY'S PRAYER POINTS FOR THE UNFORGETTABLE EXPERIENCE WITH ROR CRUSADE. 22ND AUGUST 2016. ● PRAY FOR THE PLANNING & ORGANISATION OF THE PROGRAM. 1 Corinthians 14:40. Pray that God's grace will be upon all the committee members, declare that they are mightily helped of the Holy Spirit to be vigilant and discerning, executing their duties with the accuracy of the Spirit and sound judgment. Pray that everyone involved in the planning and organization of the program at all levels will be totally yielded to the Spirit and will perform his/her duties being mindful of the anointing that has been made available for this unique program. (Romans 8:14, Phil1:19, 2 Tim 2:2) Declare that no aspect of the program will be neglected, everything will be done with great professionalism and excellence to the glory of God. Declare that all that is done is in harmony and synchrony with the plan, purpose and timing of God. Pray that every laid down procedure to monitor the work by personnel in charge of various activities for this program will be effective to achieve the desired results. ● PRAY FOR OUR PUBLICITY STRATEGIES AND A GREAT HARVEST OF SOULS: Pray that a unique and special anointing will be upon every publicity material and will bring about an increased awareness of the program and cause many to attend. Pray that the materials will be widely spread through the activities of angels, that people who come in contact with them would be personally convinced to attend the program all by themselves (Acts 10:2-3, 11:13-14) Pray that God’s Spirit would go ahead of us and prepare the hearts & the minds of the people to receive us and that a mighty harvest will be brought into the kingdom (John 4:35-36) Pray that God would cause sinners to attend the program; we come against the forces of darkness from preventing sinners to attend the program. Pray that the people will receive our gospel with understanding, and that as they listen, their defenses would be broken, so that they would not be able to resist the power of the gospel (Matt 7:28, 13:54, Acts 8:6, Titus 2:11 2Corinthians 4:3-6). Pray for every unchurched individual who is invited for the Program, that they will have a strong desire for a change, even before the Program and this desire will propel them to attend. Pray for effective Publicity that would stir up the nation of Uganda with great expectations, faith and hope. Pray that the publicity materials would be so effective that miracles would begin to take place as people receive the fliers, watch the adverts, see the billboards, receive our calls etc.

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Your staff are not 'just tools' to get results... but vessels unto honour, to be filled continually.. 10q most Esteemed head of Admin Ma!

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Our transcendent music not only saves the human soul, but also puts a man or woman beyond his or her limitations and barriers, and into the conscious reality of the Father's comforting everlasting arms. Blessed be God. SINACH is live in concert tonight in South Africa http://militia.cleeng.com/sinach-live-in-concert/E849204780_ZA

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Thank you Lord Jesus! Thank you my Father Pastor Chris Sir! Thank you Pastor Ose Mam! Thank You South Africa

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Operation get all your family members, Friends and colleagues on kingschat today. If you are a part of this kindly post "Yes I will"

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THE PASTOR CHRIS' POST FASTEST FINGER CHALLENGE: Winner: Pastor EMEKE AWUNOR BLW Campus Ministry, Makerere, Kampala, Uganda. #LiveSports

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THE PASTOR CHRIS' POST FASTEST FINGER CHALLENGE: Winner: Pastor EMEKE AWUNOR BLW Campus Ministry, Makerere, Kampala, Uganda. #LiveSports

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Go Figure... When someone is ill, even the tastiest foods and sweetest drinks are unappealing to him. He/She doesn't feel like or want to eat anything. When a believer doesn’t feel like or want to "eat" the Word of God, which is the food for his/her spirit, isn't this a sign of a spiritual malady? When someone is ill, the doctors insist on feeding him/her. Sometimes intravenously, if the individual is too weak or can't keep anything in the stomach. When push comes to shove, the patient might even be "force-fed"! If you or your acquaintance is going through a time where the Word of God is unappealing to you and you ignore reading, listening to and watching the Word being preached, taught and demonstrated with power, don't take this situation for granted. There is an "illness" in your spirit. Note the "" in the use of illness. This is because it is being used to describe a spiritual symptom. Christian music is not a substitute for the Word of God being taught and preached with power. Just like you would remedy, when you experience symptoms in your physical body, by eating food; remedy this situation by listening to or watching messages and speaking in tongues. Force yourself to listen to messages. Force yourself to speak in tongues. There are always life changing blessings received in listening to God's Word. By the way, there's a special offer at the Pastor Chris Digital Library for two messages (Substitution 1 & 2). These are 2 faith building messages for us by Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome. Download the PCDL app from either of the Google Playstore or the Apple Appstore today. You will be blessed that you did. Have a great weekend my beloved brethren.

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You can be an online audience at the SINACH Live in Concert. An extraordinary time of worship, praise and prophecies!! Follow to register http://militia.cleeng.com/sinach-live-in-concert/E849204780_ZA

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Happy Birthday Sister Mervis. Thank you for all that you do in spreading the message of our beloved BLW Nation in South Sudan. May God bless you richly. Happy Birthday and keep spreading.

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Happy birthday pastor Sylvia I love you extra

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Happy Birthday Ps Sylvia I have watched u grow from grace to grace ur life truly is a testimony.Thank u for d beautiful spirit u have.#EAVZ3

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Happy Birthday Pastor Sylvia.Thank you for all you do to move the ministry forward.Enjoy your day.I love you

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SOCIAL MEDIA TROLLS ARSENE WENGER Premier League Week 1: Mourinho: WIN; Guardiola: WIN; Klopp: WIN; Conte: WIN. Wenger: LOSS #LiveSports

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Happy birthday Rev Tom Sir

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The women's choir was wow...!

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MY MOST MEMORABLE ENCOUNTER WITH THE MOST REV.TOM- GOD'S GENERAL -By Pastor Tuope Edun- Virtual Zonal Pastor, North Central VZ1 It is indeed a huge honor to write about The Most Reverend Tom who has blessed so many lives in so many ways. I joined the ministry in December 1992 in Benin, then the church was at the YWCA. We then moved to the new church venue at the airport lane, Reverend then assigned me to be the site and security manager; there was a lot of construction work still going on. Consequently I was often the last person to secure and leave the premises. On a certain day, while I was at home, a man who had been directed to my house from church came in search of his daughter and demanded to see the pastor of the church immediately; he was reasonably furious and he got me nervous. I was still young in the ministry and was not yet trained about how to handle such situations, so I took him straight to Reverend’s house. Reverend was astonished to see the man but he calmed the man down and assured him that his daughter would return. When the man left, Reverend then corrected me, he understood that I was still young in the ministry. I had thought that he would scold me and be very upset with me but he wasn’t- when Reverend believes in you he believes in you wholeheartedly. He pointed out to me where I was wrong and guided me in the way I should go – Reverend is ever so caring always wanting you to go the way Rev. Chris would want you to go. Reverend retained me as the site manager until I eventually moved to Lagos- I will always remember that encounter. I am for all time overwhelmed by his humility, he doesn’t hide it when he believes in you. He would want to be a part of what you are doing to make impact- ever willing to share, support, and learn! He is deeply concerned about people and especially accessible, He has sat me down for hours in his office guiding me on the right path in life and ministry- I love him so dearly. For me Reverend Tom Amenkeinan is a precise servant-leader, he leads and serves at the same time. Sir what an honor to serve and know you in ministry, you’ve turned my life around and put me on course for the ever-increasing life- in life and ministry. You are the best Sir thank you for loving and caring for me so…!

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Happyyyyy birthdayyyyyyyyyyyyy ❤❤❤❤❤❤ youuuuuuuuuuu! #CSO #iknowamexcellent #Greenlight #God'slove #FYL #Anywhere

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Happy Birthday CSO. We love you.

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