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DON'T MISS OUT!!! Join millions of others around the world in the PastorChrislive PRAY-A-THON NOW!!! 1. Tap on the PastorChrisLive SuperUser Notification Banner from your KingsChat Timeline Page 2. Click on the @PastorChrisLive TV located at the bottom of your KingsChat settings Page 3. Click on 👉https://pastorchrislive.org UPDATE NOW to the Latest version of KingsChat for Better Viewing Experience!

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CELEBRATING A BEACON OF LIGHT, AN EVER CHEERFUL SON OF CONSOLATION - THE ESTEEMED PASTOR BOLAJI AKINBORO🎉🎊🎊 Happy birthday to a great man whose heart is after God and His Kingdom, the Game changer himself, esteemed Pastor Bolaji Akinboro. Your passion for this things of God is a testament of your deep love and commitment to the Master. Thank you for being a helper of the war and always being at the fore front of Kingdom affairs. The lines are fallen unto you in pleasant places, you have a goodly heritage. Your steps shall not slide, your light shall not be dimmed, you'll shine ever so brightly, making giant stride progress and confounding your adversaries. All that pertains to you, the Lord has perfected. More fruitful years in life and ministry. Shine on great Soldier of the Lord. We love you dearly. #CEAMC

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#CEAMC LEADING PRAYERS FROM 10:00-11:00AM TODAY AT THE PASTORCHRISLIVE PRAY-A-THON We pray for Churches and Ministries around the world. Join us in person at the session, or participate live @www.PastorChrisLive.org or click on the live link on the top left corner of your KingsChat timeline. Let’s make power available, dynamic in its working. Remember to post on your timeline while praying along, with these hashtags:#prayingwithpastorchris#PCLprayathon2019 #Nigeria#CEAMC #prayingnow

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#PRAYINGNOW NOW - ABUJA MINISTRY CENTRE LEADING PRAY-A-THON FROM CENTRAL CHURCH Connect live now @ www.pastorchrislive.org or right from your KingsChat timeline and watch as Karu Group takes the lead. #prayingwithpastorchris #PCLprayathon2019 #Nigeria #CEAMC #CEABUJAMINISTRYCENTRE #prayingnow

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#PRAYINGNOW - KARU GROUP OF CE ABUJA MINISTRY CENTRE Join the Prayer now as we pray against evil against the Church of God. Click www.pastorchrislive.org or connect right from your KingsChat timeline and watch.#prayingwithpastorchris#PCLprayathon2019 #Nigeria#CEAMC#CEABUJAMINISTRYCENTRE#prayingnow

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#GOHPWITHREVTOM EYEWITNESS ACCOUNT FOUND ON NAIRALAND See in the attached screenshots, the personal account of an attendee as posted online by him/her. As we declared it, so it is! The news of #GOHP2019 will continue to spread and ignite the hearts of all who learn of it, bringing a mighty influence of God's presence and His righteousness upon the entire nation, and indeed the whole world. Everyone is talking about #GOHPWITHREVTOM! You have much more to say! Shout it out loud, tell it everywhere, let your voice be heard! The news of the program will extend the impact far beyond the physical attendance or online participation at the time of the meeting! Share your experience with your world on all your social media platforms...you would be gifting someone with an opportunity to see, hear and believe. DON'T BE QUIET NOW! This is a day of good tidings; hold not your peace! (2KINGS 7:9) #GOHPWITHREVTOM #AMCGOHP2019 #GOHP2019 #CEAMC #MONTHOFPRAYER #PRAYATHON

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HAPPENING NOW - THICK CROWDS OF PEOPLE SWARM THE OLD PARADE GROUND WITH GREAT EXPECTATIONS FOR THE GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE WITH REV TOM📣📣📣 The Old Parade Ground bears witness that Jesus pulls the largest crowds! People from all walks of life gather from around the City of Abuja, to witness and experience what will be a destiny changing night for every attendee. The atmosphere is stirred, the faith is palpable, the Presence of the Holy Ghost is tangible as God's glory inundates the arena of this epoch making program. Tonight, destinies will be altered and the power of God's Spirit will sweep through this place. We are in the presence of the Lord where anything is possible. #GOPH2019 #GOHPWITHREVTOM #AMCGOHP2019

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ONGOING - THE GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE WITH REV TOM "While you are thinking you're here to rejoice with someone else, you'll go home to find out that changes have taken place in your life." THE GLORY OF HIS PRESENCE WILL AFFECT EVERY PARTICIPANT OF THIS LIFE TRANSFORMING PROGRAM. Stay glued for updates. To participate online, please click - bit.ly/GloryAbuja #GOHP2019 #GOHPWITHREVTOM #AMCGOHP2019

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#ONGOING- #GOHPWITHREVTOM The Old Parade Ground plays host to a rendezvous with divinity as the resplendent crowd are treated to an overwhelming buffet of music ministrations and spoken word from our world renowned Loveworld Stars; Sinach, Eben, Joe Praize, Samsong, Sophia. This is the place where God is and ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE! Join the online audience, click - bit.ly/GloryAbuja to participate. #GOHP2019 #GOHPWITHREVTOM #AMCGOHP2019

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#ONGOING - #GOHP2019WITHREVTOM The Man of God, Reverend Tom ushers in new seasons of grace, promotion, healing and health. At the entrance of the highly esteemed Most Reverend, expectations heightened for the spectacular move of God's Spirit. The atmosphere in this place is supercharged and excitement fills the air as Reverend Tom ministers in the power of the Holy Ghost, stirring faith in the hearts of the listeners and ministering healing and health to their bodies. #GOPH2019 #AMCGOHP2019

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📣📣📣#ONGOING - THE ECCENTRIC PRESENCE OF THE HOLY GHOST ENVELOPES THE OLD PARADE GROUND IN #GOHPWITHREVTOM2019 No man can do these things except the Lord be with Him. Gloryyyyyy! Surely, the Lord is in this place and everyone who stepped into the arena of this 'history in the making' will have their lives transformed forever. #GOHP2019 #GOPHWITHREVTOM2019 #AMCGOHP2019

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