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📜ARE YOU HURT? When you are hurt, dejected or suffering emotional, psychological or mental pain; do not confide this in anyone who lacks the spiritual maturity to help you. Instead confide it to the Lord in prayer and learn to leave it with Him. When you don't and you share your hurt with another who genuinely loves and cares for you and your wellbeing, your version of the experienced blurred, colored and tainted by your hurt will corrupt their souls, poison their hearts and dim their spiritual eyes from God's righteous and just disposition. Because they love you, they will want to protect, defend and possibly fight to restore your despised, wounded and hurt pride, honor, dignity or decency. But in spiritual reality and verities they have rejected God's rights to the matter and denied you of receiving your wholeness and restoration from Him. No man has the power to restore what was forcefully and oppressively deprived. Only God's justice, love, presence and grace can defend and make you whole again....just as if it never happened. Come to Jesus Now....🙏 - Anya Dara Now Sings My Soul Volume One Ptadzworld Publishers 📜 CLICK LINK IN BIO TO GIFT $10 AND MORE- ...And receive free copies of our new released E-Books "NOW SINGS MY SOUL " VOLUMES ONE AND TWO A SPIRITUAL GUIDE TO SOUND MENTAL HEALTH. Our visit to the Innercity Mission was greatly inspiring and impacting. We are taking our Ptad Lights Golden Jubilee Campaign to raise $100,000 to send 2000 kids back to school at the ICM to the next phase. Kindly watch out for details coming soon! Every child is your child - Pastor Chris #soundmentalhealth #nowsingsmysoluvol1and2 #bookexcerpts #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocacy #writerscommunity #booksforchristians #christianbookreview #christianblogger #bookstagram #writersofinstagram #mentalhealthawareness #mentalhealthmonth #mentalhealthcare #thinkgodsthoughts #mentalhealthamerica #mentalhealthuk #mentalhealthafrica #mentalhealthnigeria #mentalhealthaustralia #mentalhealthcanada #mentalhealthkenya  #authorsofinstagram #bestsellers

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📜Perhaps there are beliefs, ideologies or narratives that you hold true to and could possibly vouch or live by? Are there plans and ideals that you hold tightly to more than God's Holy Word? Your personal opinions and the way you do or perceive things but which are out rightly inconsistent with God's truth? Understand that our way isn't always God's Way and frankly in life things may not always turn out the way you have planned or anticipated because you are not God. If this happens, trust that God's plans will always fall in place and this you should embrace instead of yielding to the frustration, bitterness or despair. Luke 17:33 TPT says," All who are obsessed with being secure in life will lose it all—including their lives. But those who let go of their lives and surrender them to me will discover true life" What's with the reverse psychology and Jesus here?. Jesus warns about the futility of trying to take full control of your life without Him. You cannot live your life in a constant power tussle with God. Get a grip and realise that you'd make a terrible God over your own life. Thing is we are prone to misunderstanding, mis-interpretations, misjudgments, mistakes, false steps, slips and slides. It is because of God's love that we are not consumed. Anxiety, agitations, fretting and fear are manifestations of when we think we are losing control. When you are not in control do you find yourself fretting, fidgeting and agitated? Life gripped in your unyielding hands, is definitely headed on the paths paved with many disappointments, brokenness and self destruction. You must yield your life to Him who knows the end from the begining knowing that He is able to perfect all that concerns you. Your life with all it's expectations, plans and dreams must be given over to a God that can far surpass your expectations of Him. He is Lord over all the earth and like an architect clearly has your whole life laid before Him . He knows what He is doing and He is not prone to mistakes or errors. We gain much more by letting go and letting God.... - Anya Dara Now Sings My Soul Volume One Ptadzworld Publishers 📜 #mentalhealth #mentalhealthadvocacy #writerscommunity #booksforchristians

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CONGRATULATIONS TO OUR CEO FOR 1 DAY Hearty Congratulations to our CEO for 1 Day in the person of Sister Loretta Odii of the OFTP Nigeria HQ. We congratulate you on this glorious appointment and for the opportunity to make global impact! Have an excellent day in office. God bless you.


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50 Golden wishes for a Golden Birthday! This is celebrating your beautiful life of victories, joy, boldness, unwavering faith, courage and love for people. God bless you for impacting lives and being an inspiration to many around the world. You'll continue to flourish with increased grace, 1000 times greater. I love you.😍😍💖

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Celebrating the Highly Esteemed Evangelist Dr Eddy Owase! Happy birthday Sir! You have touched millions of lives and helped many receive testimonies of divine healing and health. We love and celebrate you Sir! #I'malive #healingtothenations #hspc #summersession2019

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"This month practise this, when something comes to your mind that you require, just give thanks." - Pastor Chris Oyakhilome #Thanksgiving #loveworldsat

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Welcome to July. The month of THANKSGIVING!!! 🔥🔥🔥🚀🚀🚀💥💥💥 In Christ Jesus there's no limit to what belongs to you The Lord wants you to understand prayer in a new dimension, in a new way. Reference scriptures: Matthew 14: 19 Mark 6:38 - 41 Luke 9:13 - 19 John 6:5 - 13 INSTRUCTION❗ Throughout the month of July, when something comes to mind that you require, you give thanks. #cesaregion

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Glorrryyyy!!!!!! We have moved we have moved in the Spirit We have moved in capacity, We have moved in grace, Addresses have changed!!!! Tell it to everyone, remind yourself, tell everyone you meet ---WE HAVE MOVED!!! I HAVE MOVED!!!! #prayingnow #prayingwithpastorchris #pclprayathon

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TODAY ON RHAPSODY DAILIES Join the Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor of Christ Embassy Middle East and South East Asia as he shares the world’s No.1 Daily Devotional, Rhapsody of Realities today, 2nd July, 2019. Showing on all LoveWorld Stations. #rhapsody #dailydevotional www.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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NEW UPDATE BREAKING NEWS!!! 📢📢📢📢📢📢 "YOUR LOVEWORLD" DAILY LIVE BROADCAST PRAY A THON WITH PASTOR CHRIS HOLDS from THIS Wednesday 3rd - Friday 5th July 2019 SCHEDULED BROADCAST TIME IN DIFFETENT TIME ZONES & DURATION: WEDNESDAY - JUST 1 SESSION  4pm - 7pm GMT 5pm - 8pm GMT+1 6pm - 9pm GMT+2 12pm - 3pm EASTERN TIME 9am - 12pm PACIFIC TIME THURSDAY & FRIDAY - 2 SESSIONS DAILY  10am - 1pm & 4pm - 7pm GMT 11am - 2pm & 5pm - 8pm GMT+1 12pm - 3pm & 6pm - 9pm GMT+2 6am - 9am & 12pm - 3pm EASTERN TIME 3am - 6am & 9am - 12pm PACIFIC TIME 📺💻🖥📱📡📡WATCH & PARTICIPATE ON ALL LOVEWORLD NETWORKS, LTM NETWORKS, RADIO & CEFLIX 📺💻🖥📱📡📡 ALSO PLEASE NOTE:  THE MAN OF GOD SAID WE ARE FASTING FROM WEDNESDAY 3RD - FRIDAY 5TH JULY 2019 WHAT A DIVINE WAY TO ROUND OFF OUR GLORIOUS 30 DAYS PRAY A THON WITH THE MAN OF GOD PASTOR CHRIS.  Indeed as the man of God posted, PastorChrisLive Pray A Thon has been rich, most rewarding, gloriously impactful and a great blessing to the entire world.  #prayingnow #prayingwithpastorchrislive #PCLprayathon2019 #country #zone Like, comment, reshare Shout hallelujah with your hands lifted and follow this super user account if you had an awesome time in the month of prayer. 🙌🙌

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AMEN, AMEN Amen, Amen Blessings and Glory Wisdom, thanksgiving And honor...

"Pray with Pastor Chris Live" now on LoveWorldSAT. Join the man of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome and the Global Prayer Network in prayer, as we change situations, alter destinies to the glory of God and make tremendous power available : http://www.loveworldsat.org/watchlisten/live-tv/ #pray #pastorchris

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Saturday - June 22 PRAY FOR THE SAINTS "For this reason, because I have heard of your faith in the Lord Jesus and your love toward all the saints (the people of God), I do not cease to give thanks for you, making mention of you in my prayers. [For I always pray to] the God of our Lord Jesus Christ, the Father of glory, that He may grant you a spirit of wisdom and revelation [of insight into mysteries and secrets] in the [deep and intimate] knowledge of Him…” (Ephesians 1:15-17 AMPC). "For this cause I bow my knees unto the Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, Of whom the whole family in heaven and earth is named, That he would grant you, according to the riches of his glory, to be strengthened with might by his Spirit in the inner man;” Ephesians 3:14-16. At our scheduled times of prayer today, we'll pray mostly in tongues, and also bearing up in prayer, Christians around the world, especially new converts, in accordance with the verses of scripture above. God bless you.

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LET US PRAY FOR THE SAINTS! prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org Join millions today on RPN as we pray for Christians around the world, especially new converts, that they will be strengthened with might in their inner man. Visit prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org Click to Give for the Spread of the Gospel: rhapsodyofrealities.org/give We Pray, We Give, We Celebrate! #prayingnow #pastorchrislive #rpn prayer.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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🗣🗣🗣Kids @ CE Owerri Actively participating in the Ongoing Prayer-A- Thon with Pastor Chris #childrenschurchrocks #loveworldchildrensministry #kidscanpraytoo #PCLprayathon #Prayingwithpastorchris

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Tuesday, June 18 PRAY FOR THE SALVATION OF SOULS It's been a very inspiring and soul stirring time of intense prayer these past weeks, and we are grateful to the Lord for the opportunity to cause changes around the world through prayer. Today, at our scheduled prayer times, we'll continue to pray, mostly in tongues, interceding for the salvation of souls around the world. The Bible says, the Lord '...will have all men to be saved, and to come unto the knowledge of the truth' 1 Timothy 2:4. God bless you.

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Don't W.A.I.T! Welcome to the Month of August. Here's a tip for a more productive month.  Don't W.A.I.T! Waiting means Wasting Available Intelligence & Time. My definition of course, but rightly so, because whilst waiting you stay in one place or remain inactive - physically, mentally etc . A lot of people do this and in the process waste a lot of time that could otherwise have been productive. For example waiting for a meeting or appointment with your boss or colleagues to commence can drain time, yet you can convert this into a time of productive thinking or light work instead of chatting away. Also whilst waiting for a response, or go ahead from your boss on an important proposal or project there are most likely actions you can take to either improve the proposal or jump start the execution, of course depending on your level of authority and urgency, instead of "remaining inactive" on the matter. Time is the most important asset you have. And it's the same amount for everyone, yet some people are able to do so much more than others within the same time. You can be amongst this group this month and make use of every opportunity that comes your way if you don't W.A.I.T! Enjoy your week. Don't forget to like, comment and share with others. I love you. #todaywithpastoryemisi #dontwait #wastingavailableintelligence&time #tipforaugust

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Highlights 9 #stpplsa2019 #recap Day 3 Session with Highly Esteemed Director of Church Growth International, Pastor Lanre Alabi, titled, "How To Develop A Church Growth Plan for your Church!" " 3 Key Principles 1. Believe in Growth 2. Make Up your mind to have results 3. Growth is not a miracle. It is the right application of revealed principles & means. Understand the principles & means, and apply them! Get the messages -Principles & means of growth Part 1-4 -5 Key Factors for Church Growth Review your processes & ensure everything is channelled towards church growth. Make sure everything is pointing in the right direction! Develop a 6 week plan before ICLC. Have a plan not a wish!" Like, share & comment with your experiences! #cesazone5 #saregion

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