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Today my heart is full of joy gladness and thanksgiving cos it's my wife's birthday. Join me to celebrate this great support par excellence. Solid rock in my life and home. I love you baby . Grace ! Grace !! Grace !!! . My girlfriend Anna is plus one today ❤❤❤❤

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[📹Video] And Pastor Stella emerged as the winner of the Pastors' lip-sync challenge @ the glorious birthday celebration party of our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy #PAOTHESAGE #CelebratingPastorAloy #MYREGIONALPASTOR #usar1z2

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Even the Elephant knows #EVERYCHILDISYOURCHILD When the lion and its cub was too exhausted to walk the final 2-miles to water,under the scorching sun, a mother Elephant came to the rescue carrying the cub with its trunk #innercitymission #WEC2019 #Thanksgivingservice #prayingnow

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Our intercessory prayer for the work of Churches and ministries around the world continues today, at all our scheduled prayer times. You can read the details on yesterday's post. Remember to join at least, one additional prayer session among the many holding today. God bless you.

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[EXCERPTS] Workshop with Brother Lawrence on the topic, CREATING CAREERS @ the Business Seminar with Pastor Femi Link to download the PowerPoint Presentation: Skills are now the new currency for the workplace escalator. Develop skills that are needed in the current and future market place. You need to prepare yourself for the current and future marketplace and that has to do with understanding the trends in the industry you are currently in. You can explore different career options or update your knowledge by taking advantage of online learning like LinkedIn Learning, Udemy,etc You're your NUMBER ONE investor so you have to develop and add value to yourself. With your extra time, you can plan to attend industry meet ups, career fairs, seminars, webinars, conferences, etc. It helps you get a bit more knowledge about what's happening in your industry at the time. Maintain an up to date resume all the time. We Build a robust profile on LinkedIn. A lot of recruiters are taking advantage of this platform in recruiting Don't limit yourself with your immediate responsibility at work. You can do more at your current job. Grow your network. #businessseminar #usarg1z2

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6 days to go! Business Seminar with our Esteemed Zonal Pastor Register today @ Date: Saturday, June 1st 2019 Time: 1pm Venue: Christ Embassy Manhattan God bless you! #businessseminar #usarg1z2

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🇺🇸 🎉New Church Alert: There is now a Christ Embassy Downtown Baltimore! We’re running fully with the mandate to take God’s divine presence to the people’s and nations of the world, demonstrating the character of the Holy Spirit. 💡 A church with a difference- bringing leadership, empowerment, illumination, and setting signs and seasons! Tell someone in Baltimore about CE Downtown Church today. 🎉🌸❤️

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Scripture Meditations: EVERY GOOD GIFT AND EVERY PERFECT GIFT IS FROM ABOVE, COMING DOWN FROM THE FATHER OF LIGHTS 🌟(James 1:17). Celebrating a gift & light! Happiest of birthdays Esteemed Pastor Femi Olumurewa Sir. You are a brilliant light. I💕U dearly! You’re excellent!

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HBD Esteemed Pastor Femi .Thank you for your inspiring life and most especially for your love for us at the Healing school.

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Question and answer clip continued! #CEManhattan #LighteningOurWorld

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The children’s Church Manhattan question and answer clip #CEManhattan #Grateful2PFO #LighteningOurWorld

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Wohooo!! Today the new CE Queens started with a bang! The lord really is doing amazing things! I remember my first service in the Bronx.. it was “ where 2 or 3 are gathered”😊. Just take a look at this Queens church they hit the ground running! Glory to God! Watch this space !!

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Christ Embassy Brooklyn presents ILLUMINATE NEW YORK with our Highly Esteemed Regional Pastor, Pastor Aloy Date: Sunday, 10th March 2019 Venue: Christ Embassy Brooklyn Time: 10am A special time in God's Presence! #cebrooklynny #cenymegalopolisgroup1 #usaz2rg1

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YOU ARE ABSOLUTELY UN-APOLOGETICALLY SUPER SPECIAL!! You are someone super extra-excellently special, so don't be intimidated or deflated by anyone's rejection or disapproval of's because they haven't found out about or absolutely don't know you. If they did they'd like you, love you and eventually can't do without your input or friendship in their lives. However what's most important is that you like and love you!! Once that is out of the way, you live and talk that way. Anyone you come in contact with will either be intimidated by your confidence and reject you (does it matter? They rejected Jesus too so you're in good company) Or they'd be inspired, empowered, fascinated and intrigued by the brilliance of your light, your confidence and boldness and be drawn to you. Besides great and successful people are often drawn to boldness, confidence, humility, resilience and attracts know what I mean? in God's realms of the Spirit and in reality it's ok! You do stand a great chance of divine distinguished opportunity to dine with Kings and Kings coming to the brightness of your rising. It's not your job to make this happen. It's God's and that's what He specializes in doing for His Children because of their audacity of faith. He leads you in the paths of righteousness, triumphs and supernatural testimonies for His own name sake....not yours! So when you wake up in the morning, and you've started your day right with Him, remember to cheerfully wear your humility and confidence with a smile, just like you choose and put on your clothes....and great things beyond your own imaginations orchestrated by the Lord to favour His righteous cause concerning you will begin to happen with supernatural speed. You'll see sons of strangers will build up your walls and kings drawn to your light! Go forth be on purpose, light in darkness; strength to the weak; joy to the saddened; blessings where there was a curse; give mercy instead of judgment: grace for shame, peace for despair and wholeness to the broken. Lend your ears to the helpless, your heart to the hopeless and your touch to the isolated. Go prosper others in your world! I love you. Speak Soon ✍❤🔥🙏🙌💥☕ #bookexcerpts #soundmentalhealth #2019yearoflights #thensingsmysoulvol1and2 #mysoulsaysyesvol123 #ptadzworldtv #ptadandfriendsnetwork #ptadzworld #afternoonteawithptad

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