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HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR LORETTA OVRERE WE CELEBRATE YOU! Sign up to partner @ For more information on how to partner please call +2348123445880

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Part 4 Today I join the host of heaven to celebrate a rare gem that you are, my mum and my all! I cant end this epistle without saying thank you to my Father and Dad.....Your ....MCE..😘 Thank you Pastor sir! For been a father so loving! Once again Happy Birthday Pastor ma

Part 3 ..when am confronted with daunting task to accomplish! You made me an excellent administrator, you made me love the brethren specially! My life story is full of your hand prints, soothing guides&ever present corrections! Your beautiful heart for all in unsearchable!

Part 2 Mum I will forever be grateful to you, my meeting you in life changed everything about me, my perception to Ministry and life! You showed me love, care and gave me direction in life! I have had countless testimonies because I hear your voice talk me up...

Part 1 Today I celebrate my Mum like no other! An epitome of Love, excellence and greatness! The one who has inscribed in my spirit and beyond the phrase " The Spirit Way The Only Way"...The one who raised and directed my path from the point she met me in life and Ministry!

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Thank you Pastor sir again and again for the opportunities you have continually granted me to be relevant in Ministry. Thank you for your large heart to details. Thank you for the drive to do large things in Ministry. Today I say danke! Love you Sir. Happy birthday sir!

Part 1 Happy Birthday my Esteemed Group Pastor Sir Thank you for all you do for the Lord and the work of the Ministry thank you for leading us aright thank you for your special love for me and the work in keffi, thank you for always saying yes!

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CELEBRATING AN EXCEPTIONAL LABOURER, A DEDICATED SOLDIER, A PASSIONATE MINISTER - OUR VERY DEAR ESTEEMED PASTOR AUSTIN AIMIOKUN Truly Heaven rejoices over you today; the angels applaud in celebration of your exploits in the Kingdom of our God; the rainbows are stirred, awakened to display their colours, celebrating one who has given all, changed many lives, lifted the hearts of many, and daily bears in his heart the care of all the saints. Thank you for loving the work and giving it your all. Thank you for planting trees of righteousness. You are a true helper of the war, and the Kingdom has advanced forcefully through your years of selfless service in ministry, and the years ahead are even greater. We celebrate your beautiful life, for the Lord has decorated you; His glory in your life is increased, and kings come to the brightness of your rising, for glorious things are spoken of you everywhere. HAPPY BIRTHDAY! WE LOVE YOU! #AbujaMinistryCentre

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To a Father and "The Throne" of Fct and Cities Beyond! The heavens and Angel's prepare once again for a unique celebration of a Warrior General in the Kingdom of Fraternity of Gods! Few hours to a grand celebration... Most Reverend Sir....I Celebrate the Honour to Serve you!

Part 7 So much to say….thank you for teaching me humility and followership through your exemplary life! Pastor Sir I want to say Thank you, Danke and א שיינעם דאנק Happy Birthday Sir! May this phase of your life be as ordained and spoken by the Lord I love you endlessly!

Part 6 Thank you for believing in me, through opportunities and those many occasions when you reecho ”Pastor Isaiah you can do this”! Pastor sir thank you for been a complete boss beyond the work  you, on many occasion  have closely ensured i took serious my feeding habit!

Part 5 A boss so full of humor, a boss so full of life!  A boss so humble and a Man of God with an extreme large heart! Thank you for been so kind hearted,thank you for been a perfect listener! Thank you for your constant concern and care.You have been an exemplary leader!

Part 4 A BOSS WITH A GOLDEN HEART! ....If there will be another opportunity to serve again and again I will choose you above any for truly there is none like you sir! Dear boss, your dedication, determination, and vision inspire me to always give my best!

Part 3 A MAN BORN GREAT! It's not by chance you were born a day before the day Our Most Reverend was born! Truly born to Serve The Most Reverend, no wonder you so understand Him! Just to let you know sir, how honored I am to Serve The Most Reverend through you Sir!

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