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Dear Pastor Sir, I often would say that when I get to Heaven, I will specifically ask Jesus to say THANK YOU to you for me & for us (the whole world). We all said YES to Jesus because you first did. I love you forever and a day more, Dad. #ThankYouPastorSir for #TheLifeOfARM

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Like John said of the Master, I have beheld your glory. You're full of Grace & truth. He who knows you can never remain in darkness. #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10 Photo: @fotorolla MUA: @houseofyinkus Styled by: @Stylebybbc Clothing: @Stylebybbc

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This is how you pose when you are the apple of God’s eyes . *#TheLifeOfARM* *#TheEmpoweringLeader* *#InspiredByARM* *#ARMay10*

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Happy Birthday to the world best leader I love you richly ma *#TheLifeOfARM* *#TheEmpoweringLeader* *#InspiredByARM* *#ARMay10*

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No one does it like you No one loves like you No one leads like you No love cares like you You are special And I love you dearly ma *#TheLifeOfARM* *#TheEmpoweringLeader* *#InspiredByARM* *#ARMay10*

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I love the way you love me. . I love the way you love God . Your passion for the things of God is worthy of emulation. . If I had to choose again, I had choose you ma . . I love you ma ❤️ . *#TheLifeOfARM* *#TheEmpoweringLeader* *#InspiredByARM* *#ARMay10*

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Leader with swags🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰 . Happy Birthday ma *#TheLifeOfARM* *#TheEmpoweringLeader* *#InspiredByARM* *#ARMay10*

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Happy birthday Sis Amaka!🎉🎊💃Thank you so much for being and exceptional Leader to the Haven Millennial Network.Thank you for saying Yes to the call, for being an inspiration, for impacting my life and many others around the world and for all you do!🙌🏽🎉 I love you dearly ❤

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HBD to the brand- ARM- Inspiring u to be all you can be - The best.Ur love 4 people is amazing; always willing & available to go the extra mile for others . That is what a Christain truly is; never thinking about your self but putting others first. I love you, God bless you ❤️

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Celebrating a Limitless Leader Thank you ma for leading us in TGC to be perfect examples of the believer, in word, in way of life, in charity, in spirit, in faith, in purity. Thank you Pastor sir, for the gift of ARM in the Haven #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM

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She has a coat of many colors, beautiful and passionate, tough yet loving, bold yet humble, radical yet gracious, influential yet selfless,so full of wisdom, excellent in all her ways. @thelifeofarm #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10 #TheHavenMillennials

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She's beautiful, bold and courageous! Her stubborn faith proclamations forces circumstances to align to God's plan for her life, and she makes war with prophecies! Ah, my ARM is her father's child! Happy birthday ma!🤗 #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10

Happy Birthday to 'Amaka Racheal Mordi a.k.a ARM @thelifeofarm Thank you for standing by and with the Man of God, Pastor Chris, in all you do. You follow the vision blindly and that is remarkable.Thank you for taking care of everyone; you have a way of being there for every single person in your world. You love deeply, sincerely and totally. You are a vessel of honour. You are a daughter of consolation. The testimonies about the impact of your life around the world are bountiful and inspiring. Thank you for being a part of my family. Your increase has no end. Your success is without boundaries. Your glory radiates. Your blessings overflow. I LOVE YOU TILL CHRIST COMES!!! #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10

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Happy Bday ma. U're indeed a quintessential leader, a true example of who a Christian is. U re doer of the Word in words and in deeds. I thank God 4 meeting u. U're a gift to mankind. @thelifeofarm #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10 #TheHavenMillennials

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There is only ARM in d world, in God's kingdom and in our lives, she is my Leader, passionate, dexterously unstoppable, grace prototype, Jesus woman, Pastor Chris's stalwart, swt within and within😜 I❤ma, hbd ma #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10

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God Bless the day u said to me "Gaiyla welcome home" My journey of greatness in the Haven would be utterly incomplete without you! ARM my leader I want the world to know that u have touched my life in a truly special way And for this I say: Thank you @thelifeofARM #ThelifeofARM

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Happiest Birthday to this great woman of God!You are indeed sent from God, you're phenomenal and exceptional in all things!I love you! Enjoy Leadership and Aheadship today and always! #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10 #TheHavenMillennials @thelifeofarm

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Alot have been said about u but ur impacts goes beyond words can describe--It is MASSIVE & staggering. No single one u ever met remains d same. D young, old, single, married, men and women all have a testimony about you. #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10

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🎊Big Birthday shout to our leader 🤩the Esteemed Sis Amaka Mordi 👑 I celebrate you today and always for all your accomplishments🏆and impact💥 in our generation! Happy Birthday Ma 🎂 @thelifeofarm #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10 #TheHavenMillennials

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Celebrating Loveworld's finest #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10

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