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🏆🌟✨💫1ST QUARTER VIRTUAL RHAPSODY AWARDS: TOP SPONSORING ZONES IN THE 1ST QUARTER OF 2021- NO.3- MINISTRY CENTER ABUJA- REV. TOM AMENKHIENAN !!!! It's a special celebration of our uncommon victories and the efficacy of God's Word in the first quarter of 2021.💃💃👏👏🎖🏅🏅 🌟✨💫🏅🎖️🏅🌟✨💫 REGISTRATION AND PARTICIPATION IS THROUGH YOUR RHAPSODY AWARDS ZONAL LINK OR RHAPSODY NETWORK LINK. ⏰ SATURDAY, 10TH APRIL, 2021. #RhapsodyAwards #RhapsodyVirtualAwards2021 #Rhapsody #pastorchris #rhapsodyofrealities #Loveworld #CE www.rhapsodyofrealities.org

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Massive Congratulations to Abuja Ministry Center on a superlative Foundation school Graduation ceremony today! Gloryyyy The Second Quarter will be even more glorious 🙏! #LoveworldFoundationSchool #PreparingTheSaintsForMinistry

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CELEBRATING OUR DEAR BROTHER ALVIN FISHO You are the epitome of God's love; full of grace. Your life is the vessel of the most high, as you give vent to the character of the Spirit, impacting and influencing the world for Jesus. We love you so dearly. #som #abujazone #GraceLivesHere

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Happy Birthday Sweetie; First I thank God for your beautiful and gracious life. I say thank you for standing strong even when it is not convenient to do so. I celebrate you today sincerely and whole heartedly. I bless you today because you have been a blessing to me. Thank you for being such an extraordinary mother to our blessed and amazing children.. we have you to thank for the extraordinary graced life they are living and the stable and confident adults they are turning out to be. Thank you for being a faithful, selfless, loving and wise wife and partner to me. You are also a diligent and faithful fellow-labourer in the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ and a Noble Follower of Our Man of God; Pastor Chris Oyakhilome D.Sc D.D. I appreciate you so much and today I wish you a very happy birthday. May God in his infinite grace continually uphold you and perfect you; the testimony of your life is consistently upward and forward in Jesus name Your life is a description of the field the Lord has blessed and a Graceful life where without seeing the rain the valley is full. I love you. Enjoy Your New Year Gracefully. your husband, dipo

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Preparing the Nations with Rhapsody Languages! A MUST READ!!! Below is an amazing testimony received from our team in Fiji. In Savenaca and Loba's words👇 "Please allow us to share our testimony. After we awoke this morning, my husband Save and I sat down to pray before he got himself ready for work. I was home with the children while Savenaca went off to work. I spent an hour in our prayer room reading my Bible. When I came out of our Prayer Room, I heard my older son calling out to me “Mum get ready, there’s a baby boy coming, a baby boy”! I asked him who the baby boy was, in my effort to try and ignore him. 15 minutes later there was knock on our door. I got up to open the door and saw my husband standing there saying to me, “Mum we have visitors here”. Beside him was a man with his 4 year old son. I motioned to my husband to bring them inside the house. The little boy seemed lifeless in his father’s arms. He was actually dead. The gentleman introduced himself as Anish, and began to share his ordeal. He had taken his son to the hospital then to the Indian priest. They could not do anything for his sick son who at this stage was not talking or even eating. They tried to seek help from the Police Station however the little boy died on their way there. My husband Savenaca, met them at a nearby shop and Anish told him he needed a Pastor to pray for his son. Without hesitating, Savenaca asked them to come home. They sat in our lounge while I went into our Prayer room to bring out a Rhapsody. I put the Rhapsody on the little boy’s chest while we laid hands on him and began speaking in tongues. It wasn’t long before we heard the boy cough. He received his healing instantly, and today this little boy is alive and talking and smiling. After our prayers and after seeing his son come back to life again, Anish confessed “I know now that God (Jesus) is real and can hear our prayers”. Anish and his whole family will be joining us for Cell this Friday. GLORY!!!! Click here to sponsor the free distribution of the printed copies around the world ipartner.tniglobal.org …making inroads into every city, town, village and streets

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Glory to God.

Congratulations on your birthday Sir

Happy birthday Sir

Hurray!!!!!!!!!!!!. Happy birthday esteemed Pastor Ken Irhiogbe, Sir. We love you dearly, Sir.

Happy birthday to esteemed Pastor Ken Irhiogbe of the Abuja Ministry Centre, a son of the Most Reverend Tom Amenkhienan. I salute you, Sir. Happy greater returns.

A Worthy and dependable helper of the war. I celebrate you, Sir.

A consistent Partner in the 100 Partners' category for years now. Greater things ahead

It's a special birthday, esteemed Pastor Ken Irhiogbe, a partner like none other. Thank you for your consistency in Partnership over the years.

Happy birthday Sir.

CELEBRATING GOD'S OWN SPECIAL PERSON- ESTEEMED SIS IRYNE AKPANIKA🥂🥂 Dearest Sis Iryne, As you mark your birthday anniversary today, the angels are rejoicing over you. Thank you for being the reason for many celebrations in Heaven through your consistent labour of love in the gospel. Your life has been decorated for the praise of God. The Lord is with you strong. Enjoy an amazing year! Happy Birthday. We Love You! #CEMCABUJA

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Happy Birthday Gabriel!! We love you dearly...and celebrate you Always!

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Happy birthday esteemed Pst Rita Owase. Pst I love you so much. Thank you for your investment in us. God continually enrich you always. #PRO1225

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WE ARE CELEBRATING A MAN GREATLY BELOVED - THE ESTEEMED PASTOR JUDE EZIASHI Today, we celebrate a decorated champion in the fighting force of our Heavenly Kingdom - a ranking officer with countless trophies of conquests in the age-long battle for the souls of men. Thank you for giving yourself to the Lord in His service, and causing many to be set on course, raised and deployed for His highest purpose. Thank you for your continual dedicated service and passionate commitment to the vision of our man of God, Pastor Chris. You are a blessing, and we celebrate you joyously! The Lord has magnified you, and His glory is increased in expression in your life. He has established your feet upon the high places of the earth, and caused you to enjoy the heritage of Jacob. He has put your hand upon many waters, and exalted your horn, that you might excell in exploits in this climactic phase of His work in the earth. Great is your peace, great are your victories, and greater shall be the testimonies of your faith. We love you dearly. HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY! #CEMCA #THANKSGIVING

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Our precious Father & very unique gift of God. You are the embodiment of love, faith & hope. Our Teacher of the Word of life & ministry. You cannot be replaced because you brought us up, gently, patiently & so very kind ,You nourished us as your very own &made us stand in Faith

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