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I celebrate God's Beauty, Excellence and a very special friend and sister very dear to me. Your smile ever soothing and inspiring, I am celebrating you specially 😘😘😘🤗🤗🤗 Happy Birthday!!! I love you lavishly.

Still celebrating my dearest Sister and friend. Thank you for all you've been and all we've shared over the years. Your consistency in your service to God and ministry is worth emulating. You are such a wonderful person and deserve so much happiness on your special New Year. HBD

Still celebrating my Special sister like no other. You're the best! On your special New Year, I wish you only smiles and joy. May each minute of your life be filled with happiness and this birthday will be just perfect for you! I love you lavishly. Happy Perfect Birthday!!!

HBD dear Pst Cynthia, I join the host of heaven to celebrate you and all you do in ministry. Thanks for your relentless service and unflinching commitment to the vision of our Man of God . Of your increase and strength there shall be no end. We love you

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Hooray to you my darling sis, I celebrate liquid love, grace unlimited and the beauty of God.

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HBD ma.Working with a phenomenal leader like you is nothing short of a privilege. Thank you for constantly inspiring us to give out our best. May the Lord continually preserve and bless you the more for us. I love you my special Boss

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Happy birthday to my Esteemed Director ma Thank you so much for all your contribution to the Loveworld Nation...Ma increased grace is yours to accomplish more for the kingdom.. Congratulations ma I love you ma

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My Exceptional Director it's all about you today 2210. Theres no impossibility in her dictionary Its always achievable with my boss. Even if u give 100 reasons to justify the impossibilities she will gv u 1000 ways it can be possible. I love you pst ma.

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You always win and you have made us all Champions. I love you ma #SuperBoss #DirectorExtraodinaire #2210

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Happy birthday to my super boss and director. An epitome of success & diligence . A pacesetter, great achiever and relentless goal getter. Thank you ma for the many opportunities to serve you have given me and for always believing in me. I love you so so much ma

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Happy Birthday Dear Esteemed Pastor Gbonju! Your are a life saver and world changer! I celebrate your resilience, your passion and your exceptionalism. Thank you for your love and friendship that has stood the test of time! I, Pastor Jeff and Freida love and celebrate you.

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STILL CELEBRATING THE WORLD'S BEST TEACHER!! Thank you Pastor Sir, for teaching us the Word of God and for giving millions of people around the world wisdom from the scriptures through TV. We celebrate your impact in our lives. We love you dearly sir! #GOVLNC #Worldbestteacher

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IT'S 3 DAYS TO THE BIGGEST EVENT ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH. 🌍 Join us 👉 It's the third edition of the Global Day of Prayer with Pastor Chris starting from Friday 25th to Saturday 26th September 2020. Join billions around the world 🇨🇦🇺🇸🇬🇧🇿🇦🇸🇪🇮🇳🇨🇮🇨🇺🇫🇮🇨🇩🇳🇬🇧🇼🇸🇸🇧🇻 to take a stand for the gospel of Jesus Christ. To participate in the Global Day of Prayer, visit 👉 Starts 6pm GMT+1/1pm EST Friday 25th September, to Saturday 26th September 2020. #globaldayofprayerwithpastorchris #healingstreams #hspn #healingtothenations

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The Coming of the Lord Jesus is dinner and closer than it ever was... Prepare yourself, don't be caught unaware, do the work of the Lord and be committed to it.... #Cephzone2 #Yourloveworld #beprepared

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Harmony in life means the ability to balance out everything. God has given us an enablement. #LLNINAUGURATION #HAPPENINGNOW #LLN2020 #LLN #NEXTBIGTHING #CEPHZONE2 #FINIMA1 #FINIMA

Ministry is for everyone in the body of Christ. The time to be quiet is over! #LLNINAUGURATION #HAPPENINGNOW #LLN2020 #LLN #NEXTBIGTHING #CEPHZONE2 #FINIMA1 #FINIMA

Ministry is for everyone in the body of Christ. The time to be quiet is over! #LLNINAUGURATION #HAPPENINGNOW #LLN2020 #LLN #NEXTBIGTHING #CEPHZONE2 #FINIMA1 #FINIMA

These Ladies from #ceekpanreal are super ready for the LOVEWORLD LADIES NETWORK: LADIES ADVANCE 💥. What about you? Register today👉 -Friday 18th Sept 8pm (GMT+1) -Saturday 19th Sept 7pm(GMT+1 ) #LLN #LadiesAdvance #NextBigThing #cemidwestzone

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*Breaking News:* *The World Health Organization has taken a complete U-turn and said that Corona patients neither need to be isolated nor quarantined, nor social of distance, and it cannot even transmit from one patient to another. *See the video.*👆🏼

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