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Happy Bday ma. U're indeed a quintessential leader, a true example of who a Christian is. U re doer of the Word in words and in deeds. I thank God 4 meeting u. U're a gift to mankind. @thelifeofarm #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10 #TheHavenMillennials

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There is only ARM in d world, in God's kingdom and in our lives, she is my Leader, passionate, dexterously unstoppable, grace prototype, Jesus woman, Pastor Chris's stalwart, swt within and within😜 I❤ma, hbd ma #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10

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There is only ARM in d world, in God's kingdom and in our lives, she is my Leader, passionate, dexterously unstoppable, grace prototype, Jesus woman, Pastor Chris's stalwart, swt within and within😜 I❤ma, hbd ma #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10

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She has a coat of many colors, beautiful and passionate, tough yet loving, bold yet humble, radical yet gracious, influential yet selfless,so full of wisdom, excellent in all her ways. @thelifeofarm #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10 #TheHavenMillennials

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EXCEPTIONAL, EXCELLENT & EXTRAORDINARY... Happy birthday our dear friend, sister, colleague and beloved - the Highly Esteemed PASTOR DUPE ISESELE (PDI) 3 words sum you up - Exceptional; Excellent; Extraordinary: In your character In your attitude In your Loyalty In your passion In your Love In your work In your ideas We celebrate you. We love you. Congratulations. Happy Birthday.

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To the special lady in my life, Pastor Modupeade Adetoro Adenihun Isesele. Beautiful. Ingenious. Quintessential. Exceptional. And she rocks. Happy Birthday Sweetheart. I love you with all my heart. #pdirocks1005 #quintessentialpdi1005 #exceptionalpdi1005

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She's beautiful, bold and courageous! Her stubborn faith proclamations forces circumstances to align to God's plan for her life, and she makes war with prophecies! Ah, my ARM is her father's child! Happy birthday ma!🤗 #TheLifeOfARM #TheEmpoweringLeader #InspiredByARM #ARMay10

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Happy Birthday to these shining lights ☄🌟

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They say when parents get older, they are softer on the children of their latter years... if that was true, my baby sister Lauretta was queen of our house... Love you, sweetie. It's your best year yet. Enjoy.😍😘

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#DaughterofPastorchris Surely, a pacesetter you are Ma! All you touch turns to gold....😍😍😍😍😍😍😍💝

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY HIGHLY ESTEEMED PYK. YOUR AUDACITY OF FAITH is an inspiration to me. YOUR LIMIT BREAKING CAPACITY is a motivation to me. YOUR LOYALTY TO PASTOR is a pattern for me. YOUR SPIRITUAL SAGACITY is exciting for me. I LOVE YOU MA and I join the world to celebrate you

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Is your pastor beautiful, dauntless and anti-impossible like mine??? Every Christian needs a Pastor Yemisi in his or her Christian journey. Happy Birthday Dear Ma. I love you so much Ma. #PastorYemisiKudehinbu #DauntlessPYK

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To my beautiful, spritely, wise and wonderful sister, Happy glorious birthday. Your light shines ever so brightly. You are daughter of consolation and a delightsome land. I love you, love you, love you.💖💞

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IEYC 2019 During the last evening of the International Youth Camp 2019 with Pastor Chris, Pastor began to speak to the youths about the importance of speaking in Tongues. He said when you speak in tongues sometimes you are saying things in the Spirit that will happen in years to come. Sometimes you are arranging things about your life in the future. Pastor went on to say that the Holy Spirit will help you make things happen by putting words in your mouth when you pray. The Holy Spirit knows the future and is the one that gives us utterance to speak, he forms the words when we speak in tongues. The Holy Spirit knows things that are going to happen in 5 years time for instance and if there is something that is not for your advantage, as you speak in tongues, you will be fixing those things before they ever happen and so by that time those things were to happen you are already a victor. This is how "whatsover is born of God" overcomes the world because the Holy Spirit causes you to speak mysteries to change things about your life and the life of others to your advantage so you are never defeated and always a winner. When you get to this place in your life, no matter what happens you can just laugh because you have taken care of business already by Speaking in Tongues. Pastor encouraged the Youths to spend time speaking in Tongues, that it will affect their finances. Through speaking in tongues you will cause financial things to happen in your direction and you will be amazed at the kind of things that will happen and the changes that will take place because you are speaking in tongues Pastor said. #dspukzone3 #ieyc2019 #loveworldnews

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Enjoy Photos of a most impactful Pastors- Parent and Teachers Forum.💥💥💥 Its A Whole new level 🔝🔝🔝 #childrenschurchrocks #loveworldchildrensministry

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SUNDAY SERVICE WITH PASTOR YEMISI #messagehiglights Joy bubbled in the hearts of everyone that attended Sunday Service yesterday morning, as we were taught God’s Word in a special way. Continuing from where she stopped on Wednesday during the Midweek Service, the esteemed Zonal Director painted a picture of the life we ought to live as Christians, comparing it with the people that came out of Egypt. She explained that even though God had given them rest on every side, many of them couldn’t enter into their possessions because of unbelief; they refused to be persuaded by God’s Word. Below are some thoughts from the power-packed service.  ✔  Every child of God has to make a conscious decision to be persuaded by God’s Word. The Bible says, the just shall live by faith. When the Word comes to you, your present configuration is for your heart to respond in faith. Don’t take sides against God and don’t overthrow yourself by being unpersuaded by God’s Word. ✔  The Church in the wilderness—the children of Israel—had the Gospel preached to them, but it didn’t produce the desired results for many of them because it wasn’t mixed with faith in their hearts. Your faith must be stirred up by the Word. God’s Word tells you who He is, who you are, what He’s done, and what He will yet do. Never allow your faith waver at His Word.     ✔ God told the children of Israel He had given them the land. Yet, some of them came with an evil report saying they couldn’t posses it because there were giants. What they didn’t know was that, though the giants looked big, God had actually made them like grasshoppers to the children of Israel. The giants had heard of the great testimonies the Lord had wrought amongst them, and their hearts melted. The same way, that trouble you might be facing now already knows you have the ability to dismember it! ✔ No matter how tough things are, you’re tougher! The Zonal Director concluded by instructing everyone to prophesy God’s Word into their week. What a mighty roar ensued, as we declared God’s Word with power!  #CELVZ

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Happy birthday Gwen, you are full of God’s grace and beauty. I love you

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Happy Wedding Anniversary To Our Esteemed Zonal Director And His Dear Wife; Dcn Geri and Dcns Ugo Robert Of The Haven Zone A5 . Congratulations !! We love you dearly. From all of us in The Haven Nation.

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Prayer at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT) - Fri Dec 21 Your Loveworld Christmas Edition, with Pastor Benny Hinn, Bishop Clarence McClendon, Pastor Dan Willis, and Pastor James Payne, began last night and it was wonderful. You can watch the rebroadcasts showing now, if you missed it. The live program continues today, so be sure to tune in to any of the Loveworld Networks or the LiveTV Mobile App. 1 Peter 5:8-9 "Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour: Whom resist steadfast in the faith, knowing that the same afflictions are accomplished in your brethren that are in the world". For 15min at 12noon and 10pm (Local/GMT), we'll pray fervently in tongues, and also pray specially for fellow saints of God around the world, in accordance with the verses of scripture above; that they stand strong in the Word always, resisting the adversary, his wiles and advances. That the glory of God continually be magnified in and through them, as they keep the Master's business in priority. God bless you.

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