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Prenatal program launch in Christ Embassy Kaduna. A very big Thank you to my Esteemed Director and Zonal Pastor. Pastor Mary Owase. Infertility, maternal and perinatal morbidities and mortalities demystified by our President and father #cebeninmidwestzone

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My life is full of Beauty because I've a beautiful God that beautify my life with his very essence of his beauty therefore he is my beautifier.

It's such a privilege to be a member of The Haven Nation and to attend the 2019 International Haven Convention with our Man of God Pastor Chris. There's an urgency in the spirit. I know there's something big about to happen! Sis Franca Imadiyi, The Haven Zone B1. Watch this inspiring video... Contact your Governor or Zonal Office to register today. #TheHavenConventionwithPastorChris #THC2019 #TheHavenNation #TheHavenZoneB1 The Haven Nation Publicity

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Awesome...RHAPSODY of Realities, changing lives everywhere...! See this short clip from Prophet Urbert Angel of Spirit Embassy!

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Beautiful in and out! Esteemed Pastor IB Uduoise, Happy Birthday of lights! You're so Compassionate, audacious in faith, focused and full of results. We love and appreciate you always #cemidwestzone #pib507

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Is either you make yourself Rich by Knowledge or you make others Rich by Ignorance.

Join me voluntary, let pray for the victims and the love ones left behind, the Sri Lanka killing. I cried watching the video clips of a man who said few minutes he stepped out was when he heard the loud noise, reaching back to the church his wife and daughter was on the ground.

#Happeningnow CE MIDWEST ZONAL RHAPATHON WITH RHAPSODY OF REALITIES!! #Cemidwestzone #Cemwzrhapathon

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Glorayy, my dad leading prayers on the global stage. #somethingtoshoutabout

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Midwestzone on the global stage. Esteemed Pastor Olumide currently handling the opening prayers at MBTC 2019 with Pst Chris #cemidwestzone

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You have to learn to agree with God, for the Christian life is walking in agreement with God, and two can’t walk together, except they’re in agreement (Amos 3:3). So, call yourself what God has called you. Hallelujah!~ PST Chris Oyakhilome #Wordsworthhearing #Lights

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What an honour, what a privilege as Our Highly Esteemed Zonal Pastor visit CE Model Group. We love you Pastor Ma. #cemidwestzone #cesilukomodel

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Starting Early and Strong. Our Year of LIGHTS. #cemidwestzone #cesilukomodel

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Spread the news, tell everyone about it. LIGHT CONFERENCE with the esteemed Pastor Sam on the 16th - 20th Jan 2019 is one meeting you shouldn't miss. #PSZ #LAM #cemaiduguri #NNWVZ2

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It is my year of Light and light make manifest and he is magnifying me

Merry Xmas to you all unto us Christ is born.

The end of a thing is unknown but not to the one who seeth the end from beginning. He told me of mine end. Glorious things are spoken of it.

Repositioning for unending Victory - the Fire Conference was truly eye-opening. Glory to God. #cebeninzone1

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