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A Happy to my mother! A mother of King Makers!! A Mother of stars! Thank you for the countless opportunities given to be a blessing to the whole world! Love you specially Ma'am @evangkathy

A Happy Birthday to a pace setter! A transformer! A King and a brother! We will keep conquering till Jesus comes! A Happy Birthday Da Music! ELI-J loves you

Kindly join us now to spread faith with the Healing to the nations magazine. I spread faith You spread faith We all spread faith #healingtothenations #spreadfaithcampaign

"Producers" ELI-J- Music. EClassic- Animation #brothers I am proud of who you have become and I am expectant to see what more you will become! #tpg

So I met @thereal_ohmyjosh for the first time today! Had a fruitful meeting. Looking forward to doing so much with his Music Ministry! @theplatformgroup001 #tpg

Father Lord! I don't wanna keep buttoning up my shirts alone!! I know You're close by and I am sure she is too😏💓💕 which will happen first?? I am ready☺️

Father Lord! I don't wanna keep buttoning up my shirts alone!! I know You're close by and I am sure she is too😏💓💕 which will happen first?? I am ready☺️

Till we meet again my beloved sister, friend and leader You were God's outstretched arm of love, healing! A woman of Faith!! I love you always @gloraymusic_

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"A few of the artistes that we have chosen to work with this year... adding more value to their music ministry" #tpg @theplatformgroup001 @officialisraelosho @i_am_preciouspearl @thereal_ohmyjosh @reddyryter

The Platform Group Productions ... Excellence is our sound! #TPG "We love adding value to your Music and Art Ministry" An Announcement soon - ELI-J (CEO) #TPG @theplatformgroup001

I came into this Year... Prepared! A Happy New Year to you beloved😊 Welcome to the Year of Preparation! We have been through a lot together and we are ready for more by the spirit of God! I love you 🤗

Happy Birthday Highly Esteemed Sir! You are a special gift to the world of teenagers and youths. For this, we are deeply grateful to Our Man of God, Rev Chris Oyakhilome. The ministrations of the word and the spirit; the special training and impact programs have positioned us for global impact in our world especially in these last days. We love you dearly Sir.. #HuiosParakleseos #SonofConsolation #PBL0201 #lwteensministry

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So I went out to see Damola... A kid that inspires me with his voice everytime he sings and his life is a blessing! Zoe Maven had to tag along. Enjoy this one featuring Santa Eli-J HOW TO SPREAD CHRISTMAS CHEER ft. ELI-J || Zoe Maven Journal https://youtu.be/rdME3BC-lqs

My beloved friend and actor @sylvestermadu ... We are wishing you a Merry Christmas!! 🤗 we love you Christmas Eve Service with Pastor Chris!🎄❤️

I just love this song!! Was waiting for it to be out!!☺️ Had a creative fine producing thus piece... Merry Christmas 🎄 #Repost @ministachinonso • • • • • • I SEE KING JESUS OFFICIAL VIDEO NOW STREAMING ON YOUTUBE!

So we went out yesternight and shared some good meal with beautiful people, and I met Taye!! What a soul! #santaELI-J #watchthis It's Christmas time... Be Jesus to everyone! #gratefulheart #christmastime #love

The Muslims aren't left out! Jesus put her in my heart☺️ Be Jesus to everyone 🤗 Show em love! #christmasgifts #santaELI-J #love

Be the Jesus they see! This was a beautiful moment few minutes ago☺️ #santaELI-J It's Christmas time! #showlove #christmas #gifts #tuesdaymotivation

God's Children... you just wanna be with em all the time! I spent my yesterday well! So... some met ELI-J in person for the first time☺️ #loveworldschoolrocks #grace

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