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Day 1 youth summer camp 🤗 #CEPHZONE3 #YSC2019 #PHZONE3

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Awwww... we present to you the top 5 contestants 🏋️‍♀️🏋️‍♀️👏👏.... we (Ysabel) didnt make it to the finals 😩😩😥😥 She says thank you to all who supported her 🙏🙏. We truly appreciate. We'll try again some other time. Give it your best shot guys... may the best lad win🤩

My number one cheerleader!!! Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor ma! You are a unique gift sent to the body of Christ, to our Ministry in particular. You are a rare gem! Thank you ma, for all you do for our Ministry and being a loving mum to many of us. God bless you immensely. 🌸🌹😘

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WORLD EVANGELISM CONFERENCE 2019 🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟✨🌟 *A divine conglomerate of royalty* And as the curtains are drawn to a close to round up the 3 day divine fiesta in the Holy Ghost, where ministers from all nations were enrobed with divine gifts of the spirit that have been programmed to troubleshoot them and their ministries into unimaginable realms in spirit, in gratitude some ministers delivered their own heartfelt gifts to the esteemed Pastor Chris and Pastor Benny; who heartily adorned their regal robes gifted to them from Uzbhekhistan 🇺🇿... Enjoy these splendorous snapshots ☺️

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Happy Birthday Bab! Love of my life. My Best Friend. My Everything. As always, I celebrate you.

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HAPPENING NOW: Our dear Man of God, Pastor Chris and Dr. Morris Cerullo enters the arena. It's Day 3 of #WEC2019. What a time in history!!! Stay tuned. #worldevangelismwithPastorChris #cephzone3

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She's truly amazing, beautiful in and out. Diligent and very resourceful. Happy birthday duuurrrling🥰🥰 sis Nosa of the most high. Your light can only shine brighter. Thanks for all you do for the PWN. It doesn't go unnoticed. We love you so so dearly and truly appreciate you.

Ysabel is more than just a pretty face. In fact, in my home it doesn't mean anything. I want us to look beyond that and concentrate on the value she brings. As their mum, i push my girls to be the best they can be in any field of their calling. Have i mentioned she is an athlete?

THE CEPHZONE3 YOUTH SUMMER CAMP WITH PASTOR JOY BEGINS IN 15 DAYS! GLORRRY!!! Who Is Currently Leading In the Ongoing Face of Youth Summer Camp Contest??? Let your votes decide. Kindly follow these links to vote for your favorite contestants: 👉 👉 👉 NOTE: YOU CAN VOTE FOR AS MANY CONTESTANTS AS YOU CHOOSE, BUT ONLY ONCE FOR A PARTICULAR CONTESTANT. FIRST ROUND ENDS ON FRIDAY 9TH AUGUST, 2019. Get your friends and loved ones to vote also, by sending the links to them. #faceofysc2019 #youthsummercamp2019 #cephzone3

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Updated her profile photo

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Please vote for me on the ongoing competition 👏👏💗

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It's my birthday and I am grateful to God and I sing of His faithfulness in my life. The Lord has caused me to triumph. I rejoice exceedingly #cephczone3 #adageorgegroup #cehigherlife

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Loyalty truly has a face and he is the Man of God, the most Esteemed Rev Tom Amenkhienan. August 15th is loading........... #R815 #Rta #Revtom #ceamc

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I hope we managed to give you reasons why you should vote contestant number 4. But before we call it a day, Ysabel asked me to drop this here. Another one of her works. Thank you all for the support and votes so far. We truly appreciate. Good night! #teanYsabel #faceofysc2019

Kindly vote for Contestant No 4.....The Beautiful and Intelligent Ysabel Ezeani. #faceofysc2019 #CEPHZONE3

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@PHZONE3 🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️.... the issue persists

🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️ @PHZONE3. People from outside are unable to sign in to kingschat following the link. 404 error on the advised link oo🙆‍♀️🙆‍♀️

Ysabel Ezeani, is more than a pretty face😊. She's well mannered, super intelligent and multi talented. She taught herself and plays most musical instruments like the guitar, violin, drums, trombone, saxophone and piano. Please vote her. She can represent us anywhere. That's 4

Please vote my daughter, Ysabel Ezeani. She's contestant number 4🙏🙏🙏... following the link below Https:// and then type number 4... Thank you so much ! #faceofysc2019 #CEPHZONE3

VOTING HAS COMMENCED FOR THE FACE OF CEPHZONE 3'S YOUTH SUMMER CAMP 2019!!!!🥁🥁🥁🥁🥁 We have 15 Contestants Selected Across The Teens Churches in the Zone. Which of Them Will Take The Crown?? 👑 To Vote for your favorite contestant(s): ✔Like this post ✔Reshare this post. ✔Type the contestant number in the comments section e.g. "5" for contestant no. 5 ( You can only comment once) ✔Get your friends and loved ones to vote also by sending them these links: You can also post the banner of your favourite contestant on the Kingschat Timeline, with the hashtags #faceofysc2019 #cephzone3 Voting Starts Now!!!!🔔 🔔 🔔

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