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Hello University of Calabar, kindly be ready for what's coming to your campus. It's indeed gonna be a night to remember #ANR #MCC4C #Campusministryrocks

#LMAMNEWS: The highly anticipated LOVEWORLD WORSHIP ALBUM VOL. 1  As announced by Our Man Of God Pastor Chris Oyakhilome DSC. DD is out for downloads. Click on the link below to get it #LMDNMUSICSTREAM #LMAMALLSTARS

The 6 Track EP "Church Got Street Credibility" by yours truly Winter Amadin is available for download, streaming and purchase on your favourite digital stores. Check it out, get a copy for yourself and don't stop streaming CLICK 👉

God created you to be a creator, create your own happiness always and keep negative energy/vibes far away. Lights! #WinterAmadin #WinterAmadinGlobal #LightsOnMe

GAMBIA Let's do it again, I'll be with y'all for the Epignosis Young Africa Leadership Conference (EYALC). 30th - 31st March 2019, tell everyone you know and get ready to be inspired! Cc @clubxintl

It's not the end, don't give up or give in just yet, there's still a way, you can still make a change, one more try might be that major break, hold on to hope and MARCH forward, you will return with a testimony. Happy New Month!!! 📸: #LightsOnMe.

Blaming God for anything that happens in our lives is useless, He doesn't exist for us, We exist for Him! #WinterAmadin #WinterAmadinGlobal #LightsOnMe #ComingSoon

The enoumous wealth of knowledge I have drawn from you is what I'm Blessing the world with today, I'm forever grateful to God for blessing us with an epitome of greatness as you, happy birthday pastor, I love you sir #CMD #CMD0225 #CMDisfire #Campusministryrocks

So guys I'm working on a special project I'd really love to carry everyone along. Kindly send me any photo, selfie or short video you've ever had with me at anytime or event. Send by tagging me on any social media, you are gonna love it when this project is out. God bless you!

You can forgive much only if you know and understand that you've been forgiven! Hanging with @damolacruz real G. Pay attention to my next post, I got something you gonna love to be part of.

If you don't tell your own story yourself, someone else will help tell your story for you, but you might not like the way the story will be told.

The Gold in you is better than the oil in Africa - PDD #AfricaForAfrica #A4A #CampusMinistryRocks

You can never see your true value or worth through the eyes of man, you must look through the eyes of God. Thank you This Morning Show for having me, I had an awesome time talking about 2019 and my plans for it.

Whatever is worth doing is worth training for... Go for it, it will make the difference and give you that touch of excellence! Get Trained!!

Sometimes it's difficult to find words that can best describe someone who's just too perfect in all ramifications, Happy Birthday to you Mum, thank you for your liquid love and for the endless possibilities you give us always, I love you! #EK2301 #EKW2301

I made a pledge to myself that regardless my commitment to Music, Rap Nation, LMAM, TV Host, Actor, this year of lights I'll also be more committed to the activities in my local assembly especially the choir. I'm glad that the lord is granting me the grace to make this happen.

I'll just leave this here and go 🚶 Please help me spot out Winter Amadin in this photo!

Making people say YES to you when you know their answer should be NO, causes an imbalance, on the long run this imbalance will affect a larger scale of things that might not be to your favour. Be nice to people, that's also part of how to shine your Lights. LIGHTS ON ME

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