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Hurray!!! #birthdayloading #congratulations #PastorGokeAdu

...And he's saying to you, he will do unto you what he did for Isaac in Genesis26:12-14.#PastorGokeAdu

..And this expert teaches by his words, commandment, and voice.#PastorGokeAdu

...look at the sun & stars; the moon & the earth, were all made by this never failed expert#PastorGokeAdu

..But there is this one expert/teacher who has never failed.#PastorGokeAdu

This world is full of different experts; different teachers. But the wisdom of men have failed over, and over again.#PastorGokeAdu

Let there be freshness in You! Freshness in you Spirit, freshness speaking, freshness in talking...freshness in your life#PastorGokeAdu

A king does not take a flight in HAST#PastorGokeAdu

Pattern your life according to men who have handled the things of life according to faith. #PastorGokeAdu

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God knew there was famine in the old testament before he asked the widow for her seed. #PastorGokeAdu

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Don't eat more than you sow. If you do so, you will always be hungry. #PastorGokeAdu

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Don't take NO for an Answer. #PastorGokeAdu

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There's a difference between faithfulness & faith. #PastorGokeAdu

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Excellence is when you refuse to take anything else. #PastorGokeAdu

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As long as you re satisfy, God is OK with you. The hunger for desire, is what God responds to. Develop hunger in your SPIRIT! #PastorGokeAdu

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