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Excellence #LPCSA2018 #SAZone2 #CEKENSINGTONG

As long as you’re looking backward and living in regret, you’ll never move into the new things God has in store. Remember not the former things... (Isaiah 43 :18-19). Hiya!!!

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CE members who don't have tickets for #LPCSA2018 next time, act quick to instructions and listen to do. We will take notes and pictures for you, you won't miss a thing. #LPCSA2018 #CEKENSINGTONG #SAZONE2

Noahs Ark is ready for the LPCSA. #LPCSA #CESAZONE2 #CEKENSINGTON

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Well prepared, more than ready. #LPCSA2018 #CE Kensington #SAZone2

#yourloveworld #Day4 - Everything in the book of revelation is the revelation of Jesus and the anointing. The anointing of God was moving before the man Jesus was manifested. - A mystery in the scriptures is something that can only be accessed by revelation. If you have the Holy Ghost, you can see what natural eyes cannot see and you can hear what others cannot hear. ~ Bishop Clarence McClendon

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#YourLoveworld Day4 Bishop McClendon ministering : •We are moving into times where flesh and ingenuity will not work anymore. •When God restores , he doesn't just restore stuffs but he restore time and relationships. •Mystery in scripture is not something that's not known but Mystery in scripture is something that can be access by the Spirit of revelation. •God will begin to move his "Kingdom Children" to go to places where church people can't go. Your dream is not church dream but "Kingdom Dream". Church children are comfortable in church but "Kingdom Children" are comfortable everywhere God takes them to. •The only thing Money does is that it gives you immediat favour with the seller, but God is bringing you Favour to step into the thing before you got the money to pay for it. •If you have the Holy Spirit then you have INSIDE INFORMATION. you don't have to get there first but the revelation knowledge you have on the inside will give you the advantage. • The anointing in you is the Hope of Glory. Col1:26-27. Hope is the reasonable expectation of good. Go to the phone now and call to make that spiritual contact and give to loveworld using this KingsPay recipient code : LWUSA #ewcavz4

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