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HBD my beloved Brother!Thank you for the love we share as a family .Thank u for your love and support to the Haven Zone E7.Thank you for all you do for my sister, you are Non-Pariel , of the increase of Gods Grace and peace upon your life there shall be no end!! I love you sir

HBD My Darling Baby, Olówó-óri mi, Thank U for being a great support& wonderful husband to me, the best Dad & a great model to our Children. Thank U for your so sweet Love& care for us. It is a new level of increased Grace, Wisdom & Divine Access for U. We Love U beyond Words!😍😘

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Congratulations and Happy birthday our dearly beloved son, Hansel. Upward and forward always IJN! I love you❤️🎻❤️🎸❤️🎼

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Celebrating 🥳my Super🌟, Graceful, Victorious, Exceptional, A Great force, Luminary, Vanquisher, Glittery Star! A Light, glorious in all things. Your life is indeed something to shout about. HBD my baby, Hansel-Oseahume, keep living the triumphant life. Love you so tirelessly😘😘😘💃🏼💃🏼

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HBD Dearly Beloved Pastor Louis Osademe, a delightful and honourable son of my father, Pastor Chris, Exceptional and Ingenious in all your ways. Thank you for being a great inspiration. Thank you for your support and encouragement for the work. I Love you so dearly Sir💕

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A hearty happy Birthday to our dear esteemed Pastor Deola Phillips!!🎉🎊🏆 We celebrate a passionate and devoted lover of God and visionary missionary of our precious Lord Jesus Christ. We celebrate an iconic and legendary daughter of our beloved Man of God Pastor Chris. We celebrate the incomparable, indefatigable, steadfast, dauntless and versatile Chief Executive Officer of our beloved Loveworld Nation. I celebrate you dear Pastor Dee, you are a burning and shining city on the hill top. Thank you for all your life provoking innovations, creations, love, service and leadership in our midst. Your life is a burning Hope, unquenchable Faith and unstoppable audacity to me. Thank you for your inspiring life lived amongst us, a sure template to emulate. Thank you for challenging us to reach for God's highest and best in the vision of our beloved Man of God Pastor Chris. Have a super amazing fulfilled, well deserved year (new decade) of Grace heaped upon grace, novel and sterling impact, lots of joys, laughter, peace and pleasantness. I love you dearly💝💝 🎆⭐🍾🏆 #magnumlumen #2910

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Happy Birthday Your Excellency Ma, Most thankful for every blessed work of impact and uplift that you have done and still do for me, us and the ministry all over the world. You really made Ministry so beautiful! You made serving God and following our Man of God so exciting and rewarding. We will forever be grateful and indebted to you, our most precious CEO and Zonal Director. Many glorious returns!🙏🙏🙏 With love from CHRIST EMBASSY EPE SUB-GROUP

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The Professionals of Christ Embassy Lekki celebrates a strategic and excellent CEO! Thank you Ma for impacting our live and preparing us for a life of ministry. Happy birthday Ma! We love you dearly.

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Teens Ministry Christ Embassy Lagos Zone 5 celebrates our Pastor, mother, inspiration, mentor, role model, teacher, Zonal Director and the CEO of the Loveworld nation.  Thank you Pastor ma for believing in our future and helping us chart our course to become serial winners, excellent leaders, world changers and great innovators like you. Today we celebrate and thank God for giving us a great gift in you ma. HAPPY BIRTHDAY PASTOR MA. WE LOVE YOU DEARLY MA!  ##magnumlumen  #Teensministry

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With our hearts full of love & profound gratitude, we celebrate a true General, Queen & Mother of nations. You personify love, greatness, generosity, persistence, excellence, & so much more! Thank you for giving your life for the Gospel! Happy blessed birthday, Ma!

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Only few people in the world change the course of human history. Their deeds are etched indelibly in the annals of time. Some discovered continents. Some landed on the moon. Some invented light. Some built cars while others built aeroplanes. On the 29th day of October many years ago, an excellent personality was born to be a joy to her generation, a helper to the Prophet of our time, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome, a soul-winner extraordinaire, a reckless financier of the glorious gospel of our Lord Jesus Christ, an impeccable organiser, an exceptional manager of resources and an unashamed worshipper. She is a trained medical doctor but a Healer of Broken Hearts. Chief Executive Officer of Loveworld Inc, an ordained Pastor and Director of the Healing School. Like her father, our Beloved Pastor Chris, she wears the coat of many colours that gives her grace to function and excel in all aspects of life. Esteemed Pastor Deola Philips Ma, the brethren of Christ Embassy Victoria Island Church 1, esteem you highly, celebrate you exceedingly and appreciate you deeply. We rejoice with the host of heaven on this occasion of your birthday. Time and space will fail us to chronicle what and who you mean to each one of us. You are indeed raising an army of indefectible gospel financiers, indomitable preachers of good-news, indestructible soul-winners, true and unashamed worshippers of the only true God. We love you endlessly Ma. Happy Birthday Esteemed Pastor Ma. Of the increase of your influence and affluence, there shall be no end! Signed Christ Embassy Victoria Island Group

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Celebrating #magnumlumen A kingdom influencer A hope to the nations A dispenser of grace A light to the world A super star. We love you dearly Ma. #magnumlumen

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My Pastor is rugged! A true daughter of our man of God. It was miracle after miracle that night! My ever so gallant and pilot of the award winning zone. What a wonder you are ma. Happy Birthday Ma. #magnumlumen #PD2910 #ourveryownceo

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The ACE Club of Christ Embassy Lekki celebrates Exceptionalism! Thank you Esteemed pastor Dee Ma, for birthing us for impact in Ministry

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Perfection Beauty excellence....why don't we just make today a Universal Public Holiday....😍😀😀😀 #ewcaz3 #Uganda

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In Christ Embassy Lekki Church, She means so much to us..... She is our Pastor She is our Mother She is our Teacher She is our Guide She is Excellence She is Exceptionalism She is Grace She is Beauty She is Love She is Divinity She is Sapience She is Glory She is Sagacity She is Wisdom She is Boldness Open up your dictionary and check the words above, you are sure to see her name as their definitions. We are proud of our very own Mum, Pastor, and CEO of our beloved Nation, Pastor Deola Phillips. We celebrate you today Pastor Ma and we love you deeply. From all of us ... CHRIST EMBASSY LEKKI

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Happy birthday Most Excellent Pastor Deola Philips, Thank you so much for your love, passion and commitment to our Lord Jesus Christ and to our dear Man of God. God bless you luxuriantly and of your increase there shall be no end . DBU

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Happy Birthday to our Highly Esteemed CEO, Pastor Deola Philips. Your dedication to the expansion of the kingdom and the success story of our ministry is very inspiring. You are indeed a provision for the vision and a light set on the mountain top. Thank you for showing us a good example of following our Man of God. We love you dearly ma. #CELZ1Rocks

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Happiest Birthday To Our Esteemed CEO Pst Deola Phillips. We Love You Pastor Ma #EWCAZ3 #Uganda

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Happy birthday of Lights to Our Highly Esteemed CEO, Pastor Deola Philips. Thank you Ma for your steadfast commitment to the work of Our Lord Jesus, thank you for inspiring and blessing us. On behalf of the members of Christ Embassy Isiohor Group, We say Happy Birthday!

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