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WELCOME TO OCTOBER THE MONTH OF PROCLAMATION. REJOICE Speak Words of Power Over your life, family, Job, education and business✌


Every great destiny always SUFFERS distractions but when we REMAIN FOCUSED, we will overcome them. We must not let the β€œking’s rich food” of today distract us from the glorious destiny God has in store for us. (Daniel 1:8)

Purpose is a secret for success. Purpose is power! It is the key to realization. Life without purpose is equal to pressures without reason. When life lacks purpose, it loses color.πŸ˜‰

Happy Month of Recovery ✌

There is greatness in every child of God; it is now your responsibility to develop yourself,skills and abilities for greatness: Start taking responsibility from today Create an Inspiring Vision Set Quality Goals for Yourself Constant Personal Evaluation Develop Self-Discipline

Your ASSOCIATION defines your DESTINATION. The relationships you are into never leave you the same; they either add to you or take away from you. They either increase you or decrease you. Relationships are VITAL to DESTINY.

It takes information to be free from stagnation and deformation. If you are informed, you will be formed; and if you are well informed, you will be well-formed. The amount of information you have on any issue of life will determine your accomplishment in it. Go after knowledge!✌


God created women to further beautify His creation. A woman is an epitome of beauty that is why, wherever a woman is found, beauty is evident.

What you see is a product of what you say. Therefore, don't be factual; be biblical.

Decisive men don’t look back; they are ever forward marching and don’t take β€œNo” for an answer. God has shown you where you’re going; make a decision to press on to its accomplishment.

Happy birthday to you Pastor Matthew the divine! Heaven order of divine blessings upon you and your family! In The Name of Lord Jesus Christ. Amen ✌

Good company is necessary if the wisdom deposited in you must be stirred into action. Rub minds with great minds. Rub minds with great covenant thinkers and you will see light continually shed on your path.

The spiritual positioning of the person you intend to marry will greatly determine how much your marriage will flourish.

You: 'Until you grow into sonship, signs will not follow you. Children run after miracles, but sons distribute them. Only sons are vested with the authority to be signs and saviours in the kingdom (Obadiah 21).'

Happy mothers day ❀

Welcome to March! The month of knowledge ✌

A busy life makes prayer harder, but prayer makes a busy life easier.

THE AGELESS ZONE PART 2 Eternal life is the life with agelessness. When you received eternal life, you passed from death to life ;from time to timelessness ;from age into agelessness. In Christ, we grow ;we don't age! Hallelujah shout glory! Pastor Chris Oyakhilome

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