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#Update: The atmosphere is super charged. Expectations are high! The Final Session of ITPLC 2019 is underway. More to come... #ITPLC2019 #LWTeensMinistry

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#BreakingNews! Our Dear Man of God Pastor Chris will be at this year's edition of the International Teens Pastors and Leaders Conference. This is something to shout about! Gloryyyyy!!! It's celebration time💃🕺💃🕺 #ITPLC2019 #LWTeensMinistry

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Serial award winner;Thank you ma for your exemplary and inspiring Leadership You have shown us the way to follow. I love you Ma.❤❤ A happiest Birthday to you #magnumlumen #howiseemyceo #FALA #FALF #LIA

When i think of how to define Grace,Love passion,influence, affluence,impact,result oriented,Gospel financier,word practitioner,excellence, ardent giver;Pastor Ma you are a living and talking proof of these examples. Happy Birthday Ma. I love you ma #magnumlumen #fala #fald #lia

Happy Birthday Dear Pastor Sir! Thank you for showing us how to follow like an ardent follower that you are I love you sir. #pastoremekaeze2019 #lz2teensministry #celagoszone2 #dopemugroup

Happy birthday dear Pst Emeka, and congratulations on the many sided feats in your ministry assignments rising up every time with single mindedness. God is your reward. More grace .I love you

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My Father with such a large heart My Father with such a kind smile Mt Father with those soothing words!! I love you Zaddy ! #pastoremekaeze2019 #lz2teensministry #celagoszone2 #dopemugroup

I love you Pastor You are God's outstretched arm to millions #pastoremekaeze2019 #lz2teensministry #celagoszone2 #dopemugroup

My Zonal Daddy is my Zonal Daddy Pastor You have indeed touched my life in a tremendous way,your words of teaching has produced champions like me #pastoremekaeze2019 #lz2teensministry #celagoszone2 #dopemugroup

With my Pastor ,I get vegetable harvest of all my seed sown😁😁😁 I love you too too too 2 much Sir!! #pastoremekaeze2019 #lz2teensministry #celagoszone2 #dopemugroup

Thank you Sir for teaching us how to walk on stormy seas... You are indeed Gods answer to the cry of millions #pastoremekaeze2019 #lz2teensministry #celagoszone2 #dopemugroup

Thank You sir for raising us up to stand on mountains.... You are an exemplary Champion Sir! #pastoremekaeze2019 #lz2teensministry #celagoszone2 #dopemugroup

Celebrating my Father,Teacher, Zonal Daddy, mentor Thank You Pastor Sir for your examplary Leadership. You have raised us to be champions #pastoremekaeze2019 #lz2teensministry #celagoszone2 #dopemugroup

My Teacher My Father I love you like too too too 2much Sir! #pastoremekaeze2019 #lz2teensministry #celagoszone2 #dopemugroup

The Future Africa Leaders Foundation in Collaboration with Christ Embassy Shola Gebeya, Ethopia, is hosting the first ever _Future Africa Leaders Summit_ from the 25th to the 26th of October 2019. With theme "Global Relevance in Today's World." This summit will act as a catalyst to propagate the Gospel of our man of God, Rev. Dr. Chris Oyakhilome and will also inspire youths in Ethopia to take up social responsibilities which will contribute to the growth of Africa. It's going to be a blast! #IMPACTAFRICA #FALF

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Happy Happy Wedding Anniversary Pastor Sir/Ma I love you very much sir/ma Cheers to more years of beauty,grace and prosperity ❤ #lagoszone2

💥Happy Birthday esteemed Pastor Sola Olubode (CE Milton, Group Pastor)💥 We celebrate an iconic citizen who has impacted many lives with the Gospel of Christ. A true soldier and worthy son of our Father, Rev. (Dr.) Chris Oyakhilome. Thank you for always adding color and value to every place you are. Thank you for enlightening and enriching many with your God given wisdom and revelation. Thank you for your loyalty, humility and sincerity of heart. We celebrate you today and always. We love you dearly. #Canada #CanadaBirthdays

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Happy Birthday Pastor Sir Thank you for raising me up to stand on mountains,thank you for your never unwavering care,love and guidance;meeting you is the best thing that has ever happened to me. I am eternally grateful for all you are to me I Love you PSO❤```

Reliving the moment The Emerging Young African Leaders Summit had in attendance Future Africa Leaders Award Winners. They talked about the aim of the summit which was to raise young leaders across Africa who would rise up to take leadership responsibility and participation in Nation building. #EYALS2019 #IMPACTAFRICA #FALF

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