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Today we celebrate an extraordinary beauty, a princess of glory, love & strength! Happy blessed birthday, Charlyn, love from all of us!

Let’s celebrate a wonderful Man of God & General in the Kingdom! Sending you love from Switzerland!

We are celebrating a wonderful character, an icon, a legend, a relentless soul winner, a role model for millions, leaving a legacy for the generations to come. Happy blessed birthday, dear highly esteemed Pastor Dupe! Love from all of us!

Today we are celebrating a mighty Woman of God, an inspiration to millions, a true mother of nations & indeed much more than a queen of gospel... Love & blessings from all of us!

Celebrating a mighty General of faith, a highly supernatural sponsor of the Kingdom and wonderful character reaching millions for the gospel! What would the world be without you?! Love & blessings from all of us!

Marvelous „new year of preparation“ to YOU! Four important points to note this year: 1) Prepare your heart to serve the Lord 2) Make preparation for the house of God 3) Preparation of the Gospel (prepare with the Gospel) 4) Prepare to meet God

What would the world be like without you and where would we be without you? As we commence the month of thanksgiving, our greatest reason to give thanks for is YOU. We will never cease to thank our heavenly Father for granting us the most precious gift besides our salvation!

Today we celebrate a very special gift from God for the world, a wonderful personality, gentle, calm, precious, fully dedicated to the Lord. We are all huge fans and we celebrate you & love you dearly. From all of us, happy birthday!

We celebrate a mighty Man of God & unprecedented character in the Kingdom! Thanking the Father for granting us such an infinite treasure in you, Sir, we send you all love & rich blessings from the YOU Church Family!

We warmly congratulate the highly esteemed Rev. Tom & Pastor Joy Amenkhienan on their wedding anniversary! We celebrate your divine union of purpose!

It’s time to celebrate an amazing Woman of God full of greatness, love, perseverance & excellence – a role model to multitudes, relentless trail blazer, compassionate soul winner and awesomely inspiring leader & Pastor! We love & we celebrate you, Ma!

Happy birthday to a legend in the Kingdom! Today we celebrate a wonderful character, unshakable rock, relentless soul winner, fervent Pastor and shepherd – the dear highly esteemed Pastor Ambrose. We love & we celebrate you, Sir!

Today we have the honour to celebrate an unshakable rock, a role model of boldness, endurance, steadfastness and compassion for the lost – definitely an inspiration to millions! We’ll never cease to thank the Father for granting us such a valuable treasure in you...

Celebrating a true icon & very dear & special character in God’s Kingdom. Volumes of books can’t describe all that we can learn & receive from such a perfectly developed personality in the Word. We love you dearly! Happy blessed birthday, highly esteemed Pastor TT!

Today we celebrate an extraordinary General & pillar in God’s Kingdom! We thank the Father for granting this generation a Giant like you, Sir! Thank you for your relentless investments to spread the gospel around the world. Happy blessed birthday, dear highly esteemed Rev. Ken!

Today we celebrate a unique example of greatness, boldness & God’s wisdom manifested in all its facets. Writing grace history day and night, he is indeed a role model in excellence, diligence, love, compassion, mercy, honour & generosity. Happy blessed birthday, Sir!

We celebrate an extraordinary & noble princess. Thanks for being such an excellent faithful talented & powerful soul winner. Happy Birthday!

There are no words to express our infinite gratitude. With all our hearts, thank you, Sir, for the countless sacrifices you’ve made for decades… for us, the Kingdom and the world… Thank you for teaching & raising us. We love & honour you ever-increasingly, Man of God!

We’re eternally grateful to God for giving us a true pillar of faith, an immovable rock, a faithful, persistent, strong, loving-kind & patient soldier! We love you with all our heart & will always celebrate YOU! Happy blessed birthday, beloved Noah!

There are certain things you do with your hands, others with your prayers and others with words. Join us our Sunday Service, THE GOD REVEALER, and discover all that God has deposited in you!

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