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COVID VACCINE PASSPORTS IN ENGLAND SCRAPPED! WE PRAYED - In the name of Jesus; Frustrating the plan of dividing the world into fully vaccinated tribes and those who are not. We divided, broke, separated and cut off satan's influence from the leaders of Nations. We declared that satan and the demons of darkness will not be able to control the world. We frustrated their efforts and declared that they will not proceed with their nefarious plans. We commanded operations and maneuvers over the leaders and governments of the Nations to Stop and cut them off from the Nations because all of the Nations were fashioned for the Lord's Glory and Jesus has all the authority. We knew it was not the devils time, he did not have the permission from God to do what he was doing, therefore he could not proceed! So we declared it - satan you cannot proceed! And in the name of the Lord Jesus we stopped him in his tracks and we continue to frustrate his efforts!” Thank you Lord Jesus! Oh Hallelujah! Praise God! WE REJOICE IN THIS VICTORY PARADE KEEP UP WITH REAL NEWS HERE👇 FIND OUT WHY THE COVID VACCINATED ARE DYING: https://ceflix.org/videos/watch/1854673 Be Informed - Watch The Watchmen on our LOVEWORLD UK UNCUT CeFlix Channel! New Episodes every week📌 #thewatchmen #whattherealscienceissaying #debacledebacledebacle #fiascofiascofiasco #KingschatRecommends

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Still meditating on the words my Gorgeous woman of God shared with us yesterday! Thank you Sweet Holy Spirit. Thank you Ma for these words! @pastorkemi_a I love you Mama Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm ❤️

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💞💞💞💞Partnership that Works💞💞💞💞 This is quite lengthy but well worth the read 🙌🏻 BACKGROUND: Saint-Victor suffered from a seizure that was a result of encephalitis (inflammation of the brain). He was placed on life support upon arrival at the hospital and his parents were informed that he would not make it through the night. The doctors couldn’t identify what caused the inflammation but they believed it was due to a bacteria in his blood. Countless tests were done with unsuccessful findings. Seizures ravaged him daily (some visible and some not visible but can be seen through the monitors). A vibrant 2-year old the week before, and this week he lost all ability to speak, walk, crawl, eat, sit up or even hold up his own head. He could not recognize anyone, not even his parents. LAST RESORT: The doctors’ last recommendation was to do an invasive procedure to clean out his blood. The procedure alone was a 50% survival rate. Parents were advised that if this procedure was not performed, Saint would suffer from epilepsy for the remainder of his life and being DOERS of the Word, they boldly DECLINED and DEMANDED that they seize all testing and allow the Word to work through him. Everyday they spoke words of power over Saint. They declared that he would be revitalized 10x more than before the seizure. PARTNERSHIP: They were partners of Healing School before but this was a different level of seed. They emptied their bank account to sow their best seed to the Healing School. Immediately Saint responded and within two (2) weeks, Saint was released from the hospital having all motor skills, speech and physical abilities fully restored. The doctors were amazed and speechless at his quick recovery. What should have been a 6-month recovery period, the Word actively working turned it around in one (1) month. RESULT: Today, Saint-Victor is a vibrant (very vibrant) 6-year old. He walks, he runs, he has a sharp and excellent mind, he’s intelligent, and he’s a master soul winner. He loves to sing and praise the Father. He is a living testimony of the Word at work. #partnershipthatworks #healingschool #pastorchrisgeneration #USAR1Z2 #USARegion1 #Zone2 #PacificGroup #CEHawaii

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Though I have Seen you Several times, it was a pleasure meeting you yesterday sir! CEBARKING WILL NEVER BE THE SAME AGAIN!! @pastorkemi_a The Changes you See is the changes you will GET, FAITH LOVE HOPE The Rest will come...Love you All #zeepassion #SELFREFLECTION #SELFLOVE #LOVE

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Praise is our Language

🙌🏻 SING UNTO THE LORD A NEW SONG❗ Be enraptured in divine worship bliss with inspiring songs on the Loveworld Worship App 👉🏻 5 Heavenly Albums and many more Available NOW to listen and download on our Loveworld Worship App and on https://lmam360.com/store #LWWorship #LoveworldWorshipApp #MonthofPraise #LoveworldSingers

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#KingschatRecommends Praise- the most devastating weapon in our arsenal. Credit: @theanointedband1 Got great content? Hashtag KingschatRecommends to have your post considered for the next round of recommendations! 💫💃🏻🎉

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#KingschatRecommends PRAISE THE LORD! Credit:@theukband Got great content? Hashtag KingschatRecommends to have your post considered for the next round of recommendations! 💫💃🏻🎉

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First Birthday as a Father and l am a grateful Son to my Man of God Pastor Chris .My Pastor’s,Brothers and sisters I am thankful for your love .I am eternally Grateful to God for this privilege to Grow in Grace through the Knowledge of our Lord Jesus Christ HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO ME

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@misschits Happy Birthday🎂, May God Continue to bless you, Elevate you, strengthen you, and above all provide good health, wealth and everlasting Happiness you are truly God sent, you are a Rear Gem💎, God's Soldier, a wonderful Minister and you are LOVEEEEE..HAPPY BIRTHDAY🎂SIS

This picture is perfect because I took it, but its even BETTER BECAUSE YOU ARE IN IT... YOU ARE ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS I am still in church and at CEBARKING, Thank you so much for your Love 😍, support, Care and above All being a sister to me @misschits Happy birthday 🎂I LOVE U

Watch Baby Girl Fiya showing us different types of Choir Members... Which one is you??? 🤷🏽‍♀️ #OneAccord #creativechallenge #loveworlduk #loveworlduksingers #love #songs #loveworld #music Send Us your Video 📹 be Creative... Go to our website LMAMUK.ORG... One Accord Album💯😍

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