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Thank U for teaching me, making me, believing in me, Blessing me, promoting me/my career/crafts and for praying for me, I LOVE YOU HUGELY Pastor Chris Oyahkilome PHD, DD.

IT'S A GREAT NEW LEVEL #ceLagosZone5 #PerpectualOverflow #Ziduak

IT'S A GREAT NEW LEVEL #ceLagosZone5 #PerpectualOverflow #Ziduak

Hello, Happy restful weekend🍸 As you rest, you can also catch ✨✨✨✨✨✨✨ Divine fun at Lekki by 3pm today, Location; at the address in the flier attached to this post. Thank you.

#PastorChrislive #LIMA #LIMAwithPastorChris #AmMinistering #WithTheHipHopLadies #FromCElagosZone5

Celebrating an IC🌍N

•1 Corinthians 15:51-55 HE THAT EAT SHALL LIVE FOREVER Only the body shall change, the Soul and Spirit live forever; so Life continue's forever. This world (Earth) is temporal and is collapsing gradually. Confess JESUS CHRIST as LORD over your Soul and LIVE FOREVER. #Liftchalenge

•2 Timothy 2:15(KJV) This world (Earth) is a training ground, a place where selection of SOULS that are to live forever is done. So go through LIFE pressures and challenges "Stand, Live, Do, Act, React' TRUTH don't chicken out, giving in to Lie and giving up on TRUTH.

WHY ARE WE EXISTING??? •Psalm 82:6 ye are gods, subjected to GOD; 1 way a baby god needs to be trained is to pass through LIFE pressures and challenges.

3) HE THAT EAT, SHALL LIVE FOREVER •You doubt there is another LIFE after here •You call the Bible another "History book" •You say there is no GOD YET the answer to all "Mankind's questions" is in the BIBLE. WHY ARE WE EXISTING??? •Psalm 82:6 #Liftchallenge #Ziduak #Truth

#pastorchrisoyakhilome #LoveworldIncorporated #LiftChallenge #Ziduak

*Deola - Talk and Do God* 👇👇 https://xclusivegospel.com/2019/09/11/deola-talk-and-do-god/ *Sammie McAuley - Never Say No* 👇👇 https://xclusivegospel.com/2019/09/09/sammie-mcauley-never-say-no/ #StayInspired www.xclusivegospel.com

*#BrandNewHotJams* Get these hot and fresh from these amazing ministers. The new song release from *Minister Tiana* is out!!! The song _”Idi Ebube”_ was produced by Eli-J. DL 👇👇 https://xclusivegospel.com/2019/09/09/minister-tiana-idi-ebube/

Find Song/Video on Ceflix Check this link out: https://seenowtv.com/hangout/ziduak/

An Interview with Loveworldplus TV. Of my two songs released; 'Be That Hero And 'The Standard' Check them out on ceflix.

Am really Grateful that CHRIST is a place of safety, in these World where some cruel Hearts exist. ALL GLORY TO YAHWAH for his UNCONDITIONAL LOVE, PROVISION, HEALTH, AND SAFETY(and things I may not be aware of) Etc....

This time, my Heart suddenly felt a heavy feeling of fear (which doesn't happen) and My Spirit didn't accept it, as well as the 'nature of the new job' it was just to sudden, and too real to be true.

Just this past Friday 16th of August, in the morning; I opened up my WhatsApp chat got a message from the same person and saw missed calls; who later told me he has another job for me;

After resigning; I some how doubted my Decision, but Prayed to YAHWAH to forgive me and heal any heart I may have hurt with these decision. (all this was in July)

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